Sunday, 27 November 2022

Submission Guidelines

We accept short stories, brief non-fiction articles, and poetry. TWJ Magazine considers Inspirational and family-friendly stories in all genres -- slice of life, sweet romance, satirical, speculative & fantasy, etc. We will also consider stories involving edgier content as long as the story or article contains a strong moral message (no profanity, explicit sexuality or gratuitous violence, please). TWJ Magazine is a Christian company. While submissions do not have to be Christian in nature, TWJ Magazine does not publish works that are anti-Christian or promote values/life choices/ideoloies that go against mainline Christian tenets. (Eg. We may publish a story that addresses abortion or features characters who have chosen abortion. We will not publish a story that purports abortion is acceptable.) Stories with word counts below 2,500 are given preference; however, we will entertain longer stories of exceptional quality.

TWJ Magazine is currently a by-line only (non-paying) publication, but we do our best to give authors' works as much exposure as possible through TWJ Magazine outlets as well as contests such as our Reader's Favorite and Editor's Choice Awards. Please use the submission form below to send your work for consideration.


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