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YA Perspective: Shenandoah Nights





A Vineyard Romance


Romance, history, adventure.


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Sixth grade schoolteacher Rebecca O’Neill does NOT want to be a chaperone for this year’s school trip. Not after the rumor about the mysterious disappearance of a chaperone from the same excursion a few years ago.  But, a frantic phone call from her boss persuades her to join the class trip ontheShenandoah, a beautiful schooner from the 1770’s. Will she be able to figure out the rumors surrounding the Shenandoah and its time travelling abilities? In 1770, she’s accused of being a stowaway, or worse, a spy. If she tells the truth in the present people might think she’s crazy. Will anyone believe her; past or present?


Shenandoah Nights by Lisa Belcastro

From a YA POV...

Since I was little, I have always loved time travel books. With the recent popularity of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander romance series, it seems like this genre is only gaining in public interest. I love that Shenandoah Nights combines all the intrigue and mystery of a general time travel genre book all while being clean enough for a teen or preteen to enjoy. The emotions that Rebecca and Captain Benjamin Reed feel within the course of the novel are real, and at times, even gut wrenching to the reader. Becca and Ben learn that their future together is in the hands of God, even if they are centuries apart. I loved this novel! I highly recommend this series.


Columnist: Sarah Heath



Sarah Heath is a 20 year old college student from Dallas, Texas. She is currently obsessed with planning her perfect, dream wedding via pinterest (even without a groom a girl's gotta start planning sometime!), driving her convertible around town, and hanging out with her girlfriends. She enjoys drinking a tall glass of sweet tea while sitting down to read a good book or writing about her life on her blog

She has written reviews for publishers such as, Navpress, Thomas Nelson, and Bethany House. She is a member of FIRST Wild Card book review Bloggers. Her reviews can be found at Reviews by Sarah Katie. 


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