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Scared Courage


Scared Courage



Neo makes a startling discovery, which forces her to make a difficult choice between honoring what she believes to be morally right and a lavish lifestyle, provided by her husband whose money is thickly tainted with the blood of the innocent. There will be dire consequences either way, not only for herself, but also in the lives of those closest to her. With her life in danger, she is forced to flee her beloved native country and live as a fugitive, under a new identity in a foreign country. Her journey to the warm friendliness of beautiful South Carolina is one with twists and turns. Will her dogged determination to begin anew be enough to get her safely there?

Muriel Gill


My POV.....
by Sarah Heath 

Raised in poverty, Neo caught the eye of a much older and wealthy businessman. Fast-forward sixteen years and two children, Neo discovers that her rich husband is making money in a much less than honest way.  It’s illegal and immoral. She decides that she cannot stay with him any longer, and divorces him. In an effort to rebuild her family and keep her children safe from the shady and vengeful colleagues of her husband, she makes the decision to move the family from South Africa to America, and even changes the names of her family. In the meantime, her husband, Gregory Trojan, becomes incarcerated in a prison, and places the blame solely on Neo.

Scared Courage is a beautiful story of a family that must deal head on with brokenness, and yet, through many years of trials, encounters redemption and healing.  Without their wealth or status to fall back on, each of the family must learn to rely wholeheartedly on God and their courage to help them adjust to and blossom in their new life. The newly renamed Megan, Walter and Lorna each become successful, one a lawyer, another earns her PhD, and another becomes a famous and talented soccer player. Through a very long journey and years of prayer, and the family becomes reunited once again, but this time had fully healed and is stronger than ever before. Scared Courage is a wonderful reminder that it is never too late, for anyone, no matter what they have done, or how far they have gone. There is always redemption possible.

Columnist: Sarah Heath



Sarah Heath is a 20 year old college student from Dallas, Texas. She is currently obsessed with planning her perfect, dream wedding via pinterest (even without a groom a girl's gotta start planning sometime!), driving her convertible around town, and hanging out with her girlfriends. She enjoys drinking a tall glass of sweet tea while sitting down to read a good book or writing about her life on her blog

She has written reviews for publishers such as, Navpress, Thomas Nelson, and Bethany House. She is a member of FIRST Wild Card book review Bloggers. Her reviews can be found at Reviews by Sarah Katie. 


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