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Killswitch - by Victoria Buck

About the Book

In the near future, fugitive Chase Sterling evades the transhuman life his creators intended him to lead. He connects with the Underground Church, confident his enhanced strength and intelligence make him the perfect guardian for those forced into a strange and secret existence. What could possibly go wrong? His unimpressed bodyguard is out to get him, his affection for a certain young woman may not be mutual, and a deceitful recruit accompanies Chase on a rescue mission . . . with plans to kidnap him. The leader of the underground is dying and the government is closing in. The super powers Chase relies on are switched off by an enemy he thought he had escaped. It’s enough to make a transhuman give up. Will he find the courage to keep going before all humanity is lost?

Reviewed by Deborah M. Piccurelli

I wish I had read the first installment in what, I assume, will be a series, because I enjoyed it that much. From the front matter of this book, the prequel’s title appears to be Wake the Dead.

In Killswitch, the main character, Chase Sterling, is what is called a “transhuman.” He had been a gameshow host who had died and was brought back to life by installation of a computer system and all sorts of other artificial parts. He hates being a transhuman

The story opens as he arrives at a facility where the underground church is hiding from the federal government. It is literally underground. There he re-connects with the woman, Melody Reese, who had designed the computer that was put into his body. She is a defector from the Feds, and Chase is in love with her. He finds his mother has also joined the church, but he is a skeptic, and has not yet been converted.

The Feds, who re-created him, are not only hunting for Chase, but also for members of the underground church to arrest them. Previously, Chase had dreams about helping these Christians, and that’s why he searched them out.

A mission to pick up supplies and help a friend leave the facility to begin a new life elsewhere goes awry, and suddenly Chase is left helpless. Most importantly, he feels unable to continue helping the Christians he has come to think of as family keep hidden from the Feds, who have taken away their rights.

Will Chase be able to complete the assignment he believes was given to him by the God these people worship? Will he ever come to know Him and become a follower himself? And how do his feelings for Melody fit into the grand scheme of things?

If you like Sci-fi/Fantasy/Futuristic novels, you will like Killswitch. I highly recommend it!




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