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Her Innocence - Michelle Sutton

Reviewed by Deborah M. Piccurelli   

I am never disappointed by any of Michelle Sutton’s books, and Her Innocence is no exception. First of all, when it comes to pacing, this author doesn’t meander around. The story moves at a nice clip, but takes it’s time where it counts. Even though you won’t want the story to end, you’ll read through this book in record time. Not because it’s short, but because it’s just that good.

Before I go on about the attributes of this novel, here’s a little blurb:

Everyone tells Taylor Lucero what to do. Her mother, her aunt and uncle, even her new friends. Despite the fact she is an adult, they all think she can’t make her own decisions. But there’s something different about Taylor than most people: She has special needs and doesn’t always understand people. Some of them try to take advantage of her, and this is a great fear of her mother’s.

When Taylor’s mother catches her kissing a boy in a secluded area of the beach, she assumes the worst and sends Taylor to live with her aunt in Arizona. On the plane, Taylor meets Mike Johnson who seems to treat her better than anyone she’s ever known, so she becomes attached to him. She now considers him her only friend in Arizona, and even develops a romantic interest in him.

Mike, a young Christian man, meets Taylor while flying to Arizona to attend college. At first, Taylor seems like a very friendly, average young woman. After speaking with her a few minutes, though, he can tell there’s something different about her. Especially a childish naiveté. He realizes she needs protection on a social level and vows to be there for her. But as they become closer, could what he feels for her be more than chivalrous obligation? Romantic love, even?

Though my description may sound simple, this is no simple story.  There are lots of twists, turns and surprises. The characters are endearing, and you’ll not easily forget them long after you’ve finished reading.

If you know this author, you know she writes “edgy Christian fiction,” covering tough issues born out of her career as a social worker. But Her Innocence is a moving depiction of the life of a mentally challenged individual that most of us will never know about. It has definitely become one of my favorites by Michelle Sutton.






Her Innocence


Taylor Lucero was blessed with better-than-average looks. In fact, she's gorgeous. Until they know her, people don't realize she has intellectual challenges. Most ignore her, except for the guys lacking integrity. They see a young woman who will fall for their lies. Taylor is stubborn, though, and doesn't understand that men sometimes have less-than-stellar motives for wanting to date her.

Mike Johnson is a college freshman. He meets a beautiful girl while flying to Tucson to enroll in college and wonders what will become of her because she's so vulnerable. They run into each other again, and out of concern for her safety, they become friends. He hopes dating will keep the predators away. He doesn't know any other way to protect her innocence. When they fall in love, tragedy strikes. Mike's response causes his family to shun him, but his unconditional love is what she needs to heal.


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