Monday, 14 June 2021

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Shenandoah Nights by Lisa Belcastro

Reviewed by Deena Peterson

It seems as if time travel is the latest rage in fantasy fiction, a current trend that can produce a mixed bag of quality storytelling. So I'm pleased to share with readers "Shenandoah Nights" by Lisa Belacastro.


This is high-quality time travel fiction, and you'll be captivated from the first page. Lisa has crafted believable characters, from teacher and chaperone Rebecca O'Neill to the cook on board the Shenandoah.


Drafted as an unwilling participant in a week long trip aboard the sailing vessel Shenandoah, rumors follow Rebecca about the mysterious disappearance of fellow teacher Melissa Smith. She's read a few old articles about the events from five years ago, but finds most of the theories hard to swallow.


What really happened to Melissa Smith? Is Cabin 8 haunted? And will something happen on this voyage that could change lives forever? Packed with historical detail and rich with scenic descriptions and witty dialogue, "Shenandoah Nights" entertains from beginning to end.


This book was a very welcome break from typical fantasy fare, but never'll find romance wrapped up in these pages, along with lots of humor, intrigue and a bit of juvenile behavior--but what else would you expect with over twenty sixth graders on board? My thanks to my friends at OakTara Publishers for an e-copy in exchange for an honest review.


"Shenandoah Nights" receives four out of five stars, and I'm off to find the next two books in Lisa's "Winds of Change" trilogy!



Romance, history, adventure. Get swept into the exciting Winds of Change series. Book 1, Winds of Change.






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