Monday, 14 June 2021

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Daffodils and Danger by Mary Manners

Reviewed by Kim Ford

“Sometimes it just takes a journey through  the fire to understand what another heart feels.”  - Wyatt speaking to Kami

Wyatt Cutler is a prodigal son in many ways. He has returned to his family’s hometown in East Tennessee after leaving a prestigious job in New York.  He knows he needs to help his family out of a disastrous financial situation, but his mom’s enthusiasm about his return home is a bit overwhelming.

Kami Moretto is also overwhelmed by life circumstances.  Since her mother’s death, she has worked side by side with her grieving father to make sure Pappy’s Pizzeria remains the thriving landmark the residents of Clover Cove love to visit.  Yet Kami struggles against her father’s unwillingness to update the business, and she is quickly becoming as exhausted as her grieving father.


When the paths of these two characters intersect sparks begin to fly, and neither of them is willing to admit to their mutual attraction.  However, both Wyatt and Kami have experienced tragedy in their family life, and their mutual journey through the fire of loss has softened their hears in unexpected ways.  What they experience together brings them a greater understanding of shared sorrow and the strength that lies within a relationship devoted to others.

Mary Manners has captured the heart of a small-town, life-long devotion to faith and family.  She creates an emotional and physical tension that keeps the pages turning at a rapid pace and leaves the readers well satisfied. Daffodils and Danger is a quick an enjoyable read.

When tragedy strikes, Wyatt Cutler realizes he must let go of the past and cling to hope for the future; he's in danger of losing his family, his business, and the only woman he's truly loved.

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