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Lost in Lone Creek by Mary Manners

Reviewed by Kim Ford

5 star read! A cozy, yet satisfying read!


“But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”  (Romans 8:25)

This verse takes on layers of meaning in relation to Lost In Lone Creek and the multiple relationships the story represents.  Since this is the second in the series, I have to guess a bit on some of the finer details, but overall, book two was an easy entrance into the series.  Carlson Merrill and Jessica Tate are at the center of this series, and the second installment walks them through some difficult conflict and decision making.  Jessica’s brother James has already come through a very serious life situation, and for me he represented hope for the rest of the characters.

That hope was a bit sketchy sometimes though, because Jessica returned to Lone Creek with her mind made up about several things.  Funny how a fit of temper can literally turn your world upside down! The second installment of this series showcases life circumstances that present the characters with a choice; they can move forward with forgiveness and hope or they can stay mired in their past mistakes and allow bitterness and regret to direct their path.  It is this series of choices, made by all of the main characters in the book about a variety of situations, that makes this book an interesting read.  The romance remains center stage, and the resolution is believable and satisfying.

Lost In Lone Creek was my introduction to Mary Manner’s writing, so I have some catching up to do! I am happy to recommend Lost In Lone Creek to readers everywhere!


32274EB: Lost in Lone Creek (Short Story) - eBook

Lost in Lone Creek (Short Story) - eBook
By Mary Manners / White Rose Publishing

Carson Merrill loves only one thing more than Lone Creek Ranch high school sweetheart Jessica Tate. He has plans to marry her, until one fateful night a devastating accident nearly kills her brother, James, and claims the use of his legs. Jessica flees to Nashville, blaming Carson for her brother's paralysis, and avoids him and James for more than a year. Jessica returns to Lone Creek as one of the top producing land developers in the area, and she has one goal to banish Carson forever from her memory while taking what he still loves Lone Creek Ranch. But God has other plans to draw the two together in a development project that will satisfy both their desires, and help them to reclaim the love they once shared.


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