Monday, 14 June 2021

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Grace's Gold by Mary Manners

Reviewed by Deena Peterson

Welcome to a new series of novellas by one of my favorite authors, Mary Manners. She's created a cast of characters that are full of life and faith, and a bakery that sounds delish! In "Grace's Gold" we meet sister Grace and her kindergarten age son, Adam.

Grace's life has been filled with love, but also with tragedy, Her parents died early in her life, leaving her sisters and an inheritance that created "Sweet Treats Bakery". Then Grace's husband Dan was killed in an accident, leaving her to raise their son on her own.
Brent has loved Grace since, well, since forever. But he who hesitates loses the girl to the quarterback. Will Brent take a chance and try to capture Grace's heart this second time around? And can Grace let go and love again, taking the risk of losing someone else in her life?

Trust, love and bakery goodies abound in this delightful novella. Mary has a knack for packing a lot into just a few pages: I'd love to see what she can do with a longer novel! You'll fall in love with Grace, Adam and Brent, and you'll want to read more about the sisters that staff "Sweet Treats Bakery". I plan on adding the other books to my wish list.

"Grace's Gold" gets four out of five stars.


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