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Interview: Dennis Bank

Do you have a Bible and what version are you reading? The answer might not be as assuming or simplistic as one may presume. Check out these statistics regarding current scripture translations:
In November 2012, Wycliffe presented statistics that said that scripture existed in 2,798 languages out of the 6,877 languages currently known to be in use in the world. There are currently 518 languages with a full bible translation. At least 4.9 billion people (70% of the world's population) have access to a full bible translation in their first language. A further 595 million (8.5% of the world's population), representing 1,275 languages, have at least the New Testament in their first language. Also, 1,005 languages (almost 20% of the world's population) have at least one portion of scripture (one or more books) available in their first language. By September 2012, personnel from participating bible translation organizations were involved in 2075 active language programs. (Read full text here)
While a reader may favor one translation over another for ease of comprehension, author Dennis Bank advises against making an uniformed decision in his soon to be published book titled, The Piper-The Epic Betrayal of Biblical Consequence. After carefully studying numerous manuscripts and the history of those that participated in transposing and converting scripture, he noticed an alarming trend. Some editions omit complete verses, or change the wording which leads to a change in meaning. The author believes through in-depth research that these omissions are not as innocent as they seem, and he wants readers to know the truth he’s uncovered.
MN- There is a cartoon currently circulating through social media showing Jesus sitting on the mount, and He says, "Okay everyone, now listen carefully. I don't want to end up with four different versions of this." While it is humorous, it is also very telling and the basis of your book. Only, instead of merely pointing out that scripture has been inaccurately interpreted, you state it is an intentional move. What is the difference between accidental misinterpretation of scripture and premeditated deception?
DB-When does a messenger alter the message his king asked him to proclaim?  A messenger, which is all that we can be, alters the Kings message if he is too afraid to tell folks the truth thinking he’d better make the Word seeker friendly, or more often than not he alters it to suit an ulterior motive.


It is one thing to accidentally misunderstand what a particular scripture means and it is quite another to rewrite God’s letter to man and dare alter the message to suite religious beliefs gone adrift or worse yet to advance the beliefs of Gnosticism, the New Age or some other occultic modality.


MN- You challenge the reader to decide what they will do with the information presented. With so many confusing theologies floating around, how can one be sure they are being presented with the truth?


DB- Mary, I think the answer may surprise you! …In Deuteronomy 13: 1-5 we are told that there may be altered spiritual messages in the church to entice us to rebel and serve other gods just as Satan did to Eve…they serve a purpose of God to prove that our love and devotion for God is not fickle, presumptuous or double minded. 


We as sheep have responsibility to test everything we hear and read with the Holy Bible to see if it is true…the only problem for many of us is that we do our testing with a scripture or even Greek and Hebrew texts for that matter, that has already been altered to flaunt the same lie and we don’t know it.  We first have to test the very Bible version and study aid in our hand to see if it can be relied upon for the ultimate of truth.


MN- When did you realize that you needed to do a deeper study of the scriptures? Was there an event or just a moment when you said, "Hey, something isn't adding up, here"?


DB- I was very zealous to lead a godly faithful life and I knew from scripture what such a life ought to look like and what would be the fruit and love evidencing such a walk…so when the unthinkable happened…things that I knew should not happen to a Christian man…God had my attention.  Within a very short time frame while struggling with a multitude of physical health afflictions; I lost my businesses resulting in personal bankruptcy; a ministry dumped me; then my wife left filing papers in her dust; and three accidents nearly claimed my life …to name but a few.


I knew that what I had believed and how I practiced what I believed got me to the place I found myself.  Oh, I had been to Christian High School, Bible School and seminary and that ended up being the root of the problem.  The doctrine was formulated around the thinking of those particular denominations and I learned how I was supposed to act as a Christian so I acted!  However, I had learned as a police investigator with the RCMP how to dig deep to discover truth and I decided to use that skill in a 7 year long investigation of my life and walk through the Holy Bible.  To do that I had to put aside all my books about the Bible and just read the Bible itself…for me quite a novel idea!


But you know what Mary? The beautiful result of all of this is God did answer and revealed what needed to change in my life so that not only could I find healing and restoration but that my walk with God would become incredibly more meaningful.  Out of this was born My Strong Tower Ministries and the book “Sanctiprize”…but before that happened I had to deal with the elephant in my room which was my choice of Bible translation. 


You see when things aren’t working in our lives we must leave no stone uncovered to ensure we aren’t doing something that is actually a sin or an offence to God and blocking prayer thus preventing healing, prosperity and protection.


MN- In regards to AKJV-The American King James Version-Wikipedia explains, "it is a simple word-for-word update from the King James English. Care has been taken to change nothing doctrinally, but to simply update the spelling and vocabulary. The grammar has not been changed to avoid altering the doctrine."You also say that in your opinion, AKJV is the most trusted interpretation. Do you agree with Wikipedia's observation?


DB- There are two Bibles with the acronym AKJV:  The Authorized King James Version and the American King James Version; which is a little puzzling that the latter would take on such a name.  The American revision does seem to be careful to preserve doctrine though I have noted some minor changes in meaning such as in Exodus 4:15 where those “these & thous” serve a unique purpose and some awkwardness in wording such as in Luke 11:22  “Our Father which are in heaven.”  I think we have no problem with the original AKJV saying, “Our Father which art in heaven.”


A good way to check ones Bible version out for gnostic or new age doctrinal error infiltration is to compare it with the verses that are highlighted in “The Piper”.  If your Bible version was translated from the distorted Westcott and Hort Greek or Hebrew text, the same distortions will be evident as in all the other modern translations that were compared in “The Piper”.


MN- The omissions, misdirection, and diminished word count in several new interpretations of scripture is alarming. However, critics may ask why it matters if the context of scripture remains in tact, however, does the context really stay in tact if the wording is altered?


DB- It would be necessary to critique the critics according to what the Bible says itself about anyone who would presume authorization to alter, add to or delete anything from the King of King’s message.


Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you. Deuteronomy 4:2, AKJV


For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Matthew 5:18, AKJV


For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any  man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. Revelation 22:18-19, AKJV


The original head of the NASB committee, Dr. Frank Logsdon regretted “…the deletions are absolutely frightening…”


MN- Hell is a hot topic, no pun intended. Several recent translations work very hard to omit the very word as well as any mention of life after death. Wouldn't that negate John 3:16 and the very reason Jesus came to earth? How do translators embrace His sacrificial death, yet won't punctuate it with proof of "eternal life"?


DB- Your point is well made Mary.  The question needs to be asked, “Are the changes in translations for the betterment of our understanding of God’s Word or has another gospel been imposed upon us by a nefarious person…the Piper?”


Jesus spoke often of hell because he unquestionably didn’t want anyone to go to a place that was only prepared to be the destiny of the devil and his fallen angel devotees.  Imagine a place where you’d do anything to escape the torment even through death, but death escapes you as there is no dying there either. Hell is the destiny by default even of those who just fail to take the time now to understand the matter. 
MN- In the book, you contend that when someone purchases an NIV Bible, they are supporting corrupted mass media even as far as the printing of Satanic Bibles. What is the connection between a seemingly harmless purchase and "lewd television", "unlawful invasion of privacy" and "pinup nudity"?
DB- Only darkness can have fellowship with darkness.


Because the Bible is always a run away best seller it is an attractive acquisition regardless of its authenticity especially for a very heathen morally corrupt media business empire.  The NIV is one that is in very bad company amongst the plethora of Rupert Murdock’s products.  Such an owner would have no interest in the books accuracy.


MN- Of all translations on the market, could you go on record as claiming one to be more corrupt than others?


DB- I used to think that bible translations such as Jehovah Witnesses “New World Translation” was on top but now that I’ve discovered the same discrepancies in many of our modern translations; I think they are even more of a problem because a Christian’s guard is down when purchasing them.


Really any version that uses the Westcott and Hort manuscripts or the minority texts is equally corrupted.


MN- The Bible declares that knowing the truth will set a man free. In your opinion, the truth set before the reader in your book will free them from what?


DB- Well Mary, at first I thought that the alterations were just so unfortunate and random until I began to see a pattern emerge where as many as 24 essential doctrines were targeted in the forgery. And why would that be?  Well those doctrines are the ones “The Piper”, the devil, doesn’t want you know about because he knows how dangerous those doctrines are to his kingdom. 


Do you see what I am saying?   If we want a victorious life as an overcomer destined to inherit what God has set aside for us, we just need to have a close look at what truths we have been very deliberately diverted from. I want to be careful of over simplifying our restoration, as most of us will need some further Biblical instruction and a reconciliation type of ministry to assist us.  It is to this end that “Sanctiprize” was written as guide book for My Strong Tower Ministries flag ship course, the Life Summit Conference.


Author Bio- Dennis Bank has been teaching the Word of God for thirty years. His teaching is enriched by his experience as a police investigator, a businessman, a construction contractor and a Bible student, along with the successes and failures as a husband and father of three. He has uncovered truths seldom spoken of in church; truths he feels have been long ignored and yet are absolutely essential in order for us to be reconciled to the person we were created from the foundation of the world to be. He is passionate to see the church take back its role as the sole God-ordained destination to recovery, restoration, reconciliation, and healing of the saints.


As a byproduct of his Bible study, Dennis has founded Truth or Coincidence, a company that reports on a variety of topics across the factual spectrum. He believes that in addition to faith, we can know that God is who He said He is and will do what He says He will do as the Holy Bible validates archeology, medicine, prophecy, oceanography, biology, astronomy, and mathematics.


Dennis has developed life-altering seminars including “Marriage Isn’t for Cowards” and “My Strong Tower Summit” as well as the Victory Lap Bible School and the thought provoking “Yada` Bits” scientific series.  Dennis will be the new pastor of the 1000 Islands Chapel; an engaging speaker for conferences and has two books published: “Sanctiprizerestoration to the person you were created to be”  & “The Piperthe epic betrayal of Biblical consequence”


You can learn more by visiting My Strong Tower’s Website.


You can pre-order your copy of The Piper on Amazon.

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