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Interview: Audrey Wick

Island Charm cover

 About the Book


An imposter in paradise. 

When Anna Worthington's twin sister gets jilted by her fiancé, Anna steps in with a plan for a girls’ Key West getaway instead of a honeymoon trip. Yet when her twin has her own crisis of commitment and doesn’t board the plane, Anna finds herself on a romantic getaway that she’s forced to navigate alone.

A vacation romance with an expiration date.

Gunnar Lockhart, whose specialty is island tourism, is the perfect match for helping Anna complete her vacation bucket list, but time together forges a connection more personal than either anticipate. As they make island memories, Anna has to untangle her mixed emotions. Are her feelings toward Gunnar real? Or like her sister’s wedding day, has this connection been doomed from the start? 



 Author Interview

What is your writing schedule like?
Because I hold a day job as a college professor, most of my creative writing takes place outside of the typical workday. I make time for writing in the evenings, on weekends, and during times I am not teaching, namely during winter break, spring break, and summertime.
What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I have a sweet tooth, so I enjoy indulging my cravings for candy, especially Haribo gummi bears, red licorice, and Turkish delight. I don’t overindulge, but I do enjoy rewarding myself with a few bites after an especially productive writing session.
How much of the book is based in real life?
The characters in the novel are complete figments of my imagination, but the island setting is very real. Many of the places where my characters experience their adventures are places that travelers can visit in real life. So whether readers want to take a trip to Key West in person or simply want to be armchair travelers, I hope they experience the full charm of the island through the pages of the book.
What makes this book special to you?
I enjoy traveling, so empowering my heroine, Anna, with a trip made it a very special story to write. The narrative angle of her stepping into the journey—and then embracing the surprises along the way—made the discovery process fun for me as a writer. I hope that translates on the page and that readers experience a special joy as they travel alongside Anna.


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