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Interview: Carol Raj

CharlotteMastersonGetsALife ws12705 680How did you come up with your title?
I had a hard time with the title until I decided to start with the main character's name. Then the double meaning of the last three words seemed perfect.

What is the hardest part about writing?
For me, the hardest part about writing is figuring out how to get my characters out of the dilemmas I've put them in.

Did you learn anything from writing this book? What was it?
From on-line research for this book, I learned a lot about PKD, polycystic kidney disease. I had never heard of it until a doctor suggested it would fit the needs of my plot. Thousands of people are diagnosed with this incurable disease every year!

Do you have advice for other writers?
My advice for other writers is to take their best work to a writers' conference. Then sign up for as many agent and editor appointments as they can get. One-on-one meetings provide invaluable personalized and specific advice.

What is the spiritual takeaway for your reader?
God sees every single sin but loves us anyway.

Is there anything edgy/possibly controversial in your book? If so tell us what that is.
The book deals with the consequences of premarital sex. And one character uses "Hell" as a swear one time.

What is your hero's main character flaw?
Self deprecating

What is your heroine's main character flaw?
Overly concerned with popularity

What can readers learn from your villain?
Sin has consequences

What makes your hero heroic?
He sticks to his values.

what makes your heroine heroic?
She learns to admit when she's wrong.

 Charlotte Masterson Gets a LIfe is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and wherever books are sold.

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