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Interview: Suzanne Woods Fisher

On a Summer Tide


You are well known for both your fiction and nonfiction books about the Amish and the Quakers. You are now introducing readers to a brand-new contemporary romance series in On a Summer Tide. What motivated you to try a new genre?

I’ve enjoyed writing about communities of faith, both contemporary and historical, yet there’s something challenging SuzanneWoodsFisherabout writing for a new audience. As I started to map out On a Summer Tide, it felt a little funny to not have the constraints of an Amish or Quaker community—like driving on a narrow road without guardrails. I gripped the steering wheel tightly as first, but as I grew more comfortable, I finally relaxed . . . and then I loved it! 


Can you provide a brief description of On a Summer Tide?

Three sisters are reeling from their dad’s sudden decision to sell their childhood home and purchase a summer camp off the coast of Maine. They assume their dad is suffering from dementia, but he has a clever plan: to use this remote island to bring the family back together. It’s a little tricky, as all three girls have lives of their own and no interest in moving to Maine.

On a Summer Tide is the first book in the Three Sisters Island series.  Each of the books in the series tells the story of one of the three Grayson sisters, starting with Camden Grayson. Can you describe your main character?

Cam Grayson runs at one speed: fast. She works hard at a start-up company, travels extensively, and thrives on challenge. Change is easy for her, but difficult for her little boy, Cooper.


In addition to Camden Grayson, you are introducing your readers to a whole new cast of characters.  Do you have a favorite character?

Peg is a local who runs the Lunch Counter, a tacky diner, on Three Sisters Island. An hour or two in Peg’s company, and customers leave cheered up for the rest of the day. We could all use Peg in our lives.


Three Sisters Island is set off the coast of Maine. Why did you decide to use this location?

It’s an ideal setting, full of natural beauty and quirky characters. There are more than 3,000 islands off Maine—and every island has a story.


On a Summer TideWhat type of research was required to write On a Summer Tide?

My dad went to Bowdoin College in Brunswick, and I’ve traveled to Maine more than a few times. This last summer, after reading and studying about the coast, I spent time canvassing the area where my fictitious island would be, doing the things that my characters would do. One example: watching the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain, just the way Cam and Seth did.


What do you hope readers will learn from your book?

In every book I write, I hope readers will invite God into the conversation of their lives. Just invite Him in.

 How can readers connect with you?

Readers can visit my website at or they can follow me on Facebook @SuzanneWoodsFisherAuthor or on Twitter @suzannewfisher.

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