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Interview: Elizabeth Goddard

Never Let Go is the first book in the Uncommon Justice series. How many books are proposed for this series and when will the next one release?

I’m so glad you asked! Three books have been proposed, and the second book is slated to release in Fall 2019.

Never Let GoCan you offer a brief synopsis of Never Let Go?

After her grandfather’s tragic death, Willow Anderson takes on his last case, hoping she can live up to his training as a forensic genealogist. But the case isn’t the usual search for ancestors or lost heirs. Willow has to find a baby stolen from a hospital twenty-one years ago—a child abduction cold case. She teams up with her old flame—Austin McKade—whom she’s never truly gotten over, but he’s the right guy for this job. The search for the missing child takes them to places Austin had wanted to forget. As they get closer to the truth, the danger ramps up with unexpected twists and turns, and then ends with what I hope is an emotionally satisfying ending.

What was the inspiration behind your story?

I read an article about a forensic genealogist and the missing persons case she solved for the police. It intrigued me enough that I saved it, hoping I’d have a chance to use this particular kind of character in a story. Add to that, I grew up in a family of genealogists. Setting always serves as an inspiration for me as well, and I had hoped to set a series in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

One of your main characters, Willow Anderson, is a forensic genealogist. What type of research was required to accurately write about her profession?

The usual massive research, of course, which includes reading books and articles on the topic. I also consulted with my “expert” genealogist.

What do you hope readers gain from reading Never Let Go?

My goal is always to deliver a powerful emotional experience, but more than that, I hope readers take away a sense of satisfaction as well as the feeling that all is right with the world when justice is served, relationships are mended, and romance is delivered.

You have written over thirty novels. Have you always written in the romantic suspense genre?Goddard Elizabeth

My first contracted novel was with a romance publisher, but my story contained elements of suspense and mystery, so I knew I was meant to write romantic suspense. In addition, I’ve written a few cozy mysteries as well as a romantic mystery.

What’s next on your writing to-do list?

I’m currently working on book two in the Uncommon Justice series.

How can readers connect with you?

Readers can connect with me at my website:; my Facebook author page:; and Twitter:

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