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Forever My Love

Poetry By Jennifer Anne F. Messing

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I Love You

I love you, my Sweetheart.
I love your tender smile.
I love the way your eyes bid,
“Let’s be together for awhile.”

I love our life together,
I love to wake up next to you—
I love breakfast in our nook—
Tasty bites and Brazilian brew.

I love our cheery home,
I love each cozy room,
I love our pretty garden,
With its red roses in full bloom.

I love each of our kids,
I love the joy they give,
I love the memories we will make—
For as long as we shall live.

I love you so, my Darling.
I will love you ‘til the end.
You’re my Husband, Life Companion,
My Lover, and my Best Friend.


I Always Have You

At the end of each day, dear, I always have you,
No matter what joys or pain I’ve been through.
I’m sure that you love me, I know that you care—
My friends come and go, but you’re always there.

You listen intently to all that I say
As I tell you about the events of my day.
Then, sometimes, you laugh with me, too,
As we recall funny things people say or do.

Oh, what delight!—when you caress my hand,
I am reminded, in life, together we stand.
We are sweethearts, lovers, and best friends—
We have pledged to stay together till the very end.

At the end of each day, dear, I always have you . . .
Your love is devoted, faithful, and true.
Your tender words comfort and stir my heart,
Your sweet good-night kiss is a heavenly art.


Marriage Journey

The kids are grown now; we’re still here.
We’ll be together, still, year after year.
We’ll laugh and dance, like kids at play—
We’ll walk new paths day after day.

We’ll make time for a romantic date,
We’ll tell each other, “You look great!”
We will gaze into each other’s eyes
And, for sure, we shall realize—

How fast indeed the time went by,
As busy parents, we didn’t ask why—
We loved our kids and did our best;
Had faith in God—He did the rest.

And now, at last, the time has come,
Our season of parenting is really done.
We ache inside, we feel the pain,
By letting go, we stand to gain

The new adventure God has in store,
For man and wife—there’s so much more!
Our wedded love still grows and thrives,
We’ll cleave together all of our lives.

Jennifer Anne F. Messing is a multi-published author, poet, and creative writing teacher who has a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Christian Education. A past president of the Oregon Christian Writers, she has over 200 short stories, articles, and poems published in 60 magazines, including: The Storyteller, LIVE, The Gem, Edify Fiction, and The Proverbs 31 Woman. Originally from the Philippines, Jennifer Anne and her husband have three children and reside in Oregon, USA. Get information about her award-winning books, Morning's Promise and Everlasting Love at her website: You can also find her on Facebook (, Twitter (, and on Amazon

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