Thursday, 23 September 2021

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Poetry by Douglas G. Campbell

Douglas G. Campbell

A Time to Dance

Life will soon abandon me,

for I have embarrassed Herod.

So now Salome and Herodias

have a hankering for my head—

to see it swim upon a silver platter

within a pool of blood.

Whether I live or die

no longer matters to me

for I have prepared the way for him.

I have condemned those

who would warp the truth and

spread their lies like honey

upon the ears of occupiers and usurpers—

those who feed like jackals upon the

entrails of the wretched.

Who among those that search

for truth would not envy me?

For I am the one who poured

living water upon his head

as he stood awash in the Jordan

and I heard the voice of God.

I cannot tell you what it was

about Jesus that was

so different, so wonderful.

Yet I know that before I was born

he had me dancing within

my mother’s womb.



Nothing More

When the light came down,

when it hovered and shimmered

all around me, when it entered

me as I inhaled, when it spread

and filled me until I could hold

no more of it, it became me

and I became it. And for some

amount of time unmeasured

and immeasurable I became,

I existed as I was always meant

to exist. Nothing more could be

added to me—I was the light.

Douglas G. Campbell lives in Portland, Oregon. He is Professor Emeritus of art at George Fox University where he taught painting, printmaking, drawing and art history courses. He is also the author of Turning Radius (Oblique Voices Press 2017), Seeing: When Art and Faith Intersect, (University Press of America, 2002), Parktails, (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2012), and Facing the Light: The Art of Douglas Campbell, (Oblique Voices Press, 2012). His poetry and artworks have been published in a number of periodicals and his artwork is represented in collections such as The Portland Art Museum, Oregon State University, Ashforth Pacific, Inc. and George Fox University.

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