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F Fic, Non-fic

Life Lessons - Poetry Collection

By Tara L. Carnes


First Dance

in seventh grade

Emma was invited

to join Dance Club 2012

an opportunity

to learn etiquette and

dance with boys

hearing music

one day I peeked

into the living room

and saw

her dancing to her

“How to Tango” DVD

B.J. the cat

silky black fur

draped like a scarf

twirling and dipping

in her arms

his one eye patiently gazing at me

over her shoulder –

always the gentleman

Lesson Learned

early on

I gave advice to

my best friend on

how to raise children

(after all, my daughter Emma

was three years older than hers)

“when she pitches a fit -

just walk away

and hide nearby ‘til she quiets down”

            well, when she hid…

            Karen ran

            out to a busy street


“when you have to make a phone call,

set up art stuff on the back porch,

Emma just paints and paints”


            painted and painted -

            her little sister Krista


                                    from head to toe..

Fuzzy Blanket

“I’ll crochet you a blanket”

said my best friend

as she unrolled the

purple/teal/magenta fuzzy yarn

over the long days of summer

she worked on it as

we talked about



            family problems


            how fast our girls were growing up

our little tuxedo rescue kitty

tumbled around chasing yarn ends and

purred as he lay on the forming blanket

we laughed at how much

he loved that fuzzy, wiggling, yarn

many years later

the quilt now

lays in my daughter’s hushed room

long grown up, married and gone

Orion still claims the quilt

as his own, stretched out

basking in the sunbeams

of happy memories

My Daughter’s Pets


blue Beta fish and

school raffle prize

day after day

eluded our bad kitty’s arm

(submerged up to it’s shoulder in his bowl), but

decorative rocks

added to his sphere

accidently poisoned him

Fluffy the turtle

a friend’s reject pet hand-me-over


had a creepy head

refused to eat and

“went on an adventure”

to the community garden

across the street

Sunny and Midnight

guaranteed  to be two gerbil girls

(by Em’s fifth grade classmate)

rolled around the house in their

smeary exercise balls

one day began to


with each other - followed by 6

gerbil babies

the day we were headed

to the SPCA with them

seven more babies were born

delaying the inevitable

I told Em to choose one gerbil to keep -

it was Sunny

Tara L. Carnes is a musician, composer, poet, teacher and spiritual director. She is a graduate of the University of North Texas (M.A.), and the Haden Institute’s program in spiritual direction. Tara’s poetry has appeared in Voices de la Luna, The Rose in the World, Illya’s Honey, A Quiet Courage and Presence Journal. She lives in Houston, TX. Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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