Thursday, 23 September 2021

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The Golden Rays of Love

Poetry by Lisa Keifer




Golden Rays


“God is light and there is no darkness

in Him at all.” 1 John 1:5


Sunbeams float and whisper, like

Giggles of playing children,

Laughing with golden sunshine;


A peaceful serenity

Sweeps over one sitting among

Dewed grasses and shrubberies

One quiet morning,

Absorbing the warm sun’s rays,

Soaking in pure goodness;


This moment provokes in one

A powerful, potent sense,

A knowledge already known,

The feeling of a belief:


His caring Heart for all the world,

The love He sends, to bless us


With those rays that promise

To light and guide our way,

Those rays of hope,

Beautiful always.


Hope Springs


I wander, aimless, gloomy, in

A secluded meadow of green grasses

Covered with ruby-red blooms,

Rich violets and daisies peeking out,

Yet all around me ominously looms


Darkly depressing skies overhead;

Grumbling thunder rumbles off

In a distance as the falling rain

Lightens, from drenching to soft.


I trudge along my well-worn path,

Fraught with resounding melancholy

In my solitary endeavor to

Erase any trace of my tears, only


To find myself soaked with the

Tears from the clouds up above,

Those vibrant blossoms the lingering

Reminders of my now departed love.


Circling back, away from the dark,

I blink in surprise, for do I see

Sprinkles of sunlight? Lightness

And blue skies? Can it really be?


Hoping to catch a glimpse of

Wondrous beauty, I swivel around;

The sparkling pigments in the sky now

Match the lovely colors on the ground.


Hazy at first, the rainbow appears

Like a majestic, heavenly song;

The wretchedness soon gone,

End of that despairing storm nears.




Sunshine glows with

Vivid brightness, bestowing

The warmth on a cheek;

Sweetness of this light enhancing

Giant floating puffs of white,

Illuminating dazzling blue skies.

Muted breezes gently blow, the

Wind a whisper of a song in

Melodious harmony, inviting

Quiet, restful peace.

A glowing daylight, invoking

Pureness and clarity.

As if feeling God’s smile--

The golden rays of love.



Lisa Keifer is a budding writer raised in small town Indiana. She currently resides in an even smaller town with her husband and precocious son. Lisa has recently been published in Indiana Voice Journal's March issue.

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