Thursday, 23 September 2021

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There's More To Life

by Philip Harrison

We are welcomed in to this world kicking and screaming;

Hoping for more yet ever dreaming.

Striving to learn, to touch, to love,

Finding our feet and stepping through rough.

We grow, and yearn, and cry, and weep;

Taking on challenges although still meek.

We age through smiles, tantrums and frowns,

Breaking new barriers and searching new grounds.

Exploring ourselves and the possibilities of life,

We struggle through times of hope and strife.

Growing and changing with Mother Nature;

Learning new ways from the words of the teacher.

Out on our own in the big wide world;

Continuing to grow and work and build,

Boasting to all how easy we cope,

Finding our way through love and hope.

A new born created, all concerned are relieved;

More reasons to live now than just to breathe.

Enjoying the love and raising a family,

Battling hard to be happy ideally.

The end is near, my time has come;

All I have lived and all I have done.

Gone soon the family and gone soon the wife,

Seems to me There's More To Life.



 Philip Harrison is an emerging talent based in Bristol, England. Having written his first novel ‘There’s More To Life in 2012, Philip went on to write several children’s books including The Adventures Of Fluffy Monkey Series, the Draw Your Own Adventure series, Bounce, Children’s Bible Stories: Noah, Mathew The Hero, The Funny Honey, Where’s Ted? and Dot.

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