Sunday, 24 October 2021

F Fic, Non-fic

Thought About You

I thought about you today…wondering what you are doing and what you had for lunch

Wondering if you are smiling the way I am

Beacons of light shine thought the pores of my skin

My eyes are like the bright blue clouds that hold the suns rays

Reflecting GOD's light 

That’s what love is



Through GOD's grace and mercy I am granted access to HIS place of kingdom authority

My heart full of embraces

My mind dreams of your hand to behold as we walk into unity and watch our love unfold and take on this world to magnify HIS glory

And let our union be told as a story

To ears that want to listen and minds that want to glisten to manifest a destiny that only GOD can give 

Through HIS lessons


-La Shan Knox


Born a Southern girl with a passion for words, a native of Shreveport, Louisiana,
La Shan Knox was drawn to storytelling & the literary arts as a little girl. Soap operas were her favorite escape to imagination and creativity. "My Mom loved soap operas, so I picked up that love and interest from her. I was fascinated by the characters, suspense and the angles of the story line."

Knox wrote her first published book of poetry entitled, "Still Standing: Volume One,” featuring all facets of life’s circumstances through love, strength, and courage. She later published her second work, "Grits In A Bowl,” which is a collection of short stories that details unusual circumstances bringing people together through trial and error. “Storytelling through any literary form is a beautiful consistency that is like comfort food to the soul."


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