Sunday, 27 November 2022

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Poetry by Hope Hearken

Death Rite


High, above the night

Shadows strangle sun

Black lava lake burns

Villagers and demons


Good-bye death rite

As strangers watch us

Past centuries

Past eons

Past me, past you

Father, help me

I don't understand

Saints, poets, prophets

I don't know you

I won't borrow

I believe in the sorrow

I believe in the hero

I believe in you


Saw a magic man

With eyes of fire

Walking on water

Red marks on hands

It was him that won

Always, it was him


Dragons Freeze Mountain


Dragons freeze mountain

Claim Ararat as their own

Angels soar, rise up more

Take hold of Noah's ark

Cradle wood with wings


Prayers are given to newborns

And the ancients, they're wise

But it's the rivers that die

As waters flood doorways

No one chooses to stand

No one chooses to float


So no one lives forever

Dreamers, writers, Joan of Arc

I watched meteors drop

Off the shore of Galilee

I watched lava float up

Bathe the Atlantis land


I watched my mother heave

As she said she wants to leave

So no one wants to believe

I will, I will call his name


Hope Hearken is a previously-published poet whose works can be found in numerous literary magazines and journals.  Hope wishes to convey her Christian beliefs in her poetry.  Examples of Hope's poetry can be found at her facebook page,

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