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Teenage Woes - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Isn't it funny how when you were a teenager you thought you knew everything and that your parents were the "dumbest" people in the world? Then you grew up and realized that they weren't so dumb after all; you find yourself acting just like your parents to your own kids and they think you are the "dumbest" parent in the world.  And the cycle goes on and on.  You learn to truly appreciate your parents and realize they were only doing what they thought was best for you at the time. 

I was thinking about how the teenage years brought about a drifting between my parents and I. It wasn’t so much them; I was the rebellious teenager and it got me into quite a bit of trouble.  I recall two specific times that were the most memorable times of my teenage years.  One of those times was when I wanted to go to a party and my parents would not let me.  So, I decided, inspiration from a girl that lived in one of the upstairs apartments, that I would sneak out and go to the party anyway. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me my parents knew Cindy's parents and Cindy had been caught doing the same thing the week before.  Remembering the tale, my mom went to check on me since I went to bed earlier than normal. She found a rolled up sleeping bag shaped to look like me but no Michele in the bed.  Mom and Dad sent out a "search party" and rounded me up.  I was promptly "in very big trouble," disciplined and put on restriction.  I was not allowed to go anywhere but to school and church.  Though my heart was prepared for drudgery and an unhappy time, it turned out to be one of the best couple of weeks of my life.  During this restriction period my mom dropped everything to spend time with me and to talk with me.   All friends banned for a short time, Mom and I ran around together like two best friends. It was wonderful and I didn’t even miss my friends that much!

The second time, I had come in after being out with some friends and my mom made a comment to me about the lateness of the hour. I promptly sassed her back to which my dad promptly "lost it" with me.  He handled the situation in anger (not abusive).  My dad had never ever disciplined me in anger before.   After he calmed down, he came to my room and literally cried asking for my forgiveness for how he had handled things inappropriately yet calmly explaining that my behavior had been disrespectful and unacceptable. Also, for the first time in a long time he told me he loved me and we talked late into the night about all kinds of things. Despite the woe and tears it has become a cherished memory. 

I tell these stories to make some points.  Somewhere along the way my parents and I had stopped talking, spending time together and saying the simple but important things to each other like, I love you.   Though I did not know it, the desire of my heart was to spend time with my parents.  I discovered that the very people that I thought were constricting my life were the very people I longed to have a real relationship with.  Out of these two "bad" instances, which were a direct result of MY rebellion toward my parents, came good changes in our relationship.  We started spending time together and talking with one another once again.   The rebellion in my heart slowly seeped away as the love and attention re-blossomed in our relationship.

In many ways we are no different than a rebellious teenager with God.  We have a tendency to ignore God and go about our business, some of us even "thumbing our nose" at Him (like sheep gone astray, turning to our own way Isaiah 53:6), without ever realizing that what we really need and want in the deepest parts of our very soul is a relationship with God.  Often, we wait until trials, tribulations and desperation before we cry out to God or think that we need God.  

But need Him we do. Just like I needed a relationship with my parents we all need a relationship with God. We were created by Him and for Him. Like rebellion entered my heart and put a barrier between my parents and I, sin came into this world and put a barrier between God and man. However, our God loved us so much that He had a plan. The plan was sending His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to be the bridge that would bring man back to God (John 3:16). Ultimately, God’s plan is love and love is exactly what began to set my rebellious teenage heart back on track.  

God loves each and every one of us with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). He desires a relationship with us and He made a way for that to happen. “Because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ, even when we were dead in our trespasses Ephesians 2:4-5. And when we are in that right relationship with Him wonderful things are possible and our deepest desires are fulfilled. “You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.” Psalms 16:11

Sometimes, like in my case, it is discipline with love that will bring us to our senses. And sometimes it is trials and tribulations that bring us to the knowledge that we need God in every area of our life. But it is there that we often meet with Him and learn to know Him more intimately. Our greatest joy comes from doing His will, spending time with Him in His word, prayer and worship just like spending time with my parents was what I needed during that time of my life. So, if you find yourself feeling a little rebellious, turn to God and not away from Him. Remember that He loves you and He is always there. He will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5b). He hears your heart’s cry, He knows your hurts and He is attentive (1 Peter 3:12a, Hebrews 4:15, 1 Peter 5:7). More than you can ever imagine that you need a relationship with Him, He desires a relationship with you. Yes, the God of this universe wants a relationship with you. He wants to spend time with you just like He spent time with Adam and Eve in the garden. And the way back to that intimate place of fellowship with God has been made through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross. You are special and loved. You are His child and He wants to wrap you in His love so that you can do and be all He created you to do and be.    

Love in Christ, Michele

Columnist: Michele Abshire


Michele Abshire is a housewife, mother, grandmother, and full time legal assistant. She has been published in Lake Charles, Louisiana publications, Christian Star Newspaper and Gumbeaux Magazine.  

Michele began writing notes of encouragement to people God put on her heart which led her in the direction of writing short encouraging stories, letters, essays and analogies.  This quickly became a ministry for her.  

Michele's vision is to reach people with encouraging messages that will lift their heart and bring joy for sorrow and hope for discouragement. Michele enjoys your feedback so leave a comment in the form at the bottom of the page or email her at



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