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A Branch at Grandfather's Feet

My pastor’s daughter-in-law and grand-daughters are visiting from South Carolina.  She came to service last night with her three beautiful daughters in tow.  Jadah, the oldest, was in front carrying a beautiful lavender crepe myrtle branch.  Jadah left her mom and promptly went to the very front pew to sit with her grandmother.  She laid the branch down and danced with the praise music.  As the service progressed and the praise songs flowed into worship songs, I opened my eyes to see Jadah standing at the front of the platform with the branch held high in her hand.  She was expectantly looking up to her grandfather.  She had a gift for him but his eyes were closed and he didn’t see her.  She stood for quite a bit and then decided on another approach.  She turned and came up the steps to stand by his side.  Again, with her little hand high she held the branch with a look of expectancy on her face.  Again, he did not see her.  She quietly turned to her grandmother with a look of consternation, looking for help with her dilemma.  Grandma motioned to Jadah to lay the branch down.  Jadah then laid the branch at her grandfather’s feet and sat back down.

My thoughts were drifting throughout this whole scenario.  First, how Jadah immediately began to take part in the service.  Praising God in dance as the praises filled the sanctuary.  It was a beautiful thing to watch.  Then, as the praises turned to worship she came to the platform to stand at the feet of her grandfather with a gift in hand waiting expectantly for him to acknowledge her presence.  Finally, laying her gift down at his feet to find it when the song service finished. 

Thoughts continued to swirl in my mind moving in another direction.   As adults not one of us would have been brave enough to do this.  Doing something like this; in the open, for all to see, would have been downright embarrassing.   Jadah’s desire to give her grandfather a gift of love outweighed any shyness or embarrassment of her actions.  Matthew 19:14 came unbidden to my mind.   “Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Children do not share our inhibitions.  Life has not tarnished them yet.  They are braver than most adults and not afraid to let their love shine forth for all to see.  That is why Jesus said what he did in Matthew 19:14.

Lessons can be learned from Jadah’s actions.  She immediately came into service and began taking take part in the praise.  When worship started, her desire was to give a gift of what she had.  She chose to bestow the crepe myrtle branch upon her grandfather.  I likened this to what should happen in our lives with God.  When we come to God we should be no different.  We should immediately take part in His will for our lives; let go of the cares of life and allow Him to fill us with His dance, joy and purpose for our lives.  As we grow and come to know Him more intimately, our lives should become more entwined with His.  Worship is not just found in song and church services but is reflected every day in the way we live our lives.  Giving worship to God is a lifestyle that we choose to live.  A worshipful life should motivate us to give God the gift of our life and the gifts that lay within our hearts.  Just as Jadah had a gift to give so we all have gifts to give.  We need to bring these gifts to our Father; lay them at His feet.  Often we think that we have nothing to offer but all of us have something that we can offer to the Lord.  It may be as simple as a “Yes” to the Lord’s request in obedience.  A gift freely given from our hearts to the Lord. 

During worship, Jadah’s grandfather did not see her approach him but God our Father never slumbers and His eyes are always open.  The Bible tells us that He is ‘El Roi’; the God who sees.  Jadah had expectancy and excitement about the gift she had for her grandfather.  Likewise, we should excitedly and willingly bring our gifts to our Father.  Though her grandfather had not seen her; Jadah did not give up her pursuit.  She pressed on and finally laid it at his feet.  We should be no different.  We should never give up our pursuit to continually bring the gift of our life and the gifts we have within our lives to our Father God. 

When the song service was over Pastor noticed the branch of flowers at his feet.   He soon found out they were from his granddaughter, Jadah.  He picked the gift up and thanked Jadah with joy and a look of wonder that every grandparent gets over a special gift from a special grandchild.  The gift was a blessing to him and you could see it in his face and hear it in his voice.  He took the time to make comments about the gift noting its beauty and attributes.  Then Pastor took the gift and found a special place for it.  I can imagine that God would do the same with the gifts that we bring to Him.  He is blessed by our gifts.  He takes every gift that is given and uses them for His glorious purposes.       

It was interesting to me that the gift was a branch.  It reminded me of the fact that we are called branches in John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  The greatest gift we can give God is our life, totally and completely sold out to Him.  This verse also states that if we remain in ‘The Vine’ (Jesus) and He in us we will bear much fruit.  This made me think about the fact that Jadah’s crepe myrtle branch had five beautiful clusters of lavender flowers.  Five, in biblical numerology, is generally associated with redemption and grace; often coined as ‘Special Grace.’  Lavender, a lighter shade of purple, represents the color of royalty.   God redeems us and He will turn the gifts we lay at His feet into ‘special grace’ for us.  He begins to make our lives beautiful as we bear His fruit.  He makes us royalty for His kingdom as we give our life to Him. 

Will you be like Jadah today?  Will you freely bring your gifts to the feet of our Father in heaven?  Will you give your heart to Him?  Will you give your will to Him?  Will you give your life to Him?  He loves you.  You can never go wrong in giving all you are and all you have to God!  He will indeed give you special grace, beauty and royalty.  He will indeed use the gift of your life and the gifts you have given Him for His glory.  Isaiah 43:7 “Everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”   You have indeed been created for His glory and He has wonderful things in store for a life freely laid at His feet!  1st Corinthians 2:9 “However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"


Love in Christ, Michele

Copyright August 2011 ~ Michele LeDoux Abshire

Columnist: Michele Abshire


Michele Abshire is a housewife, mother, grandmother, and full time legal assistant. She has been published in Lake Charles, Louisiana publications, Christian Star Newspaper and Gumbeaux Magazine.  

Michele began writing notes of encouragement to people God put on her heart which led her in the direction of writing short encouraging stories, letters, essays and analogies.  This quickly became a ministry for her.  

Michele's vision is to reach people with encouraging messages that will lift their heart and bring joy for sorrow and hope for discouragement. Michele enjoys your feedback so leave a comment in the form at the bottom of the page or email her at



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