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The Depth of Grace

“The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against Him.”

~ Daniel 9:9 ~


Have you ever felt you’ve made a mistake so unforgiveable that you fear there’s no turning back, no chance of redemption? If so, perhaps you also feared that a permanent separation from God and all you held dear was the only path left to travel. This is the premise for my Willow Lake series.


The town of Willow Lake is a quiet, close-knit community until a tragic accident rips through the lives of four lifelong friends—Ryder Hawkins, Hunter Stone, Mason Donovan and Brody Simmons—as well as the women they love, forever changing their lives. Each feels responsible for his part in the death of young Josh MacLaren and the guilt drives the men, one by one, from the town they call home.

Ryder plans to never return, until he receives a cryptic message from Mama Stallings, the sweet yet steel-spined elderly woman who took him in when his own family wrote him off as trouble—“Come home, Ryder. It’s time.” Reluctantly, Ryder heads back to Willow Lake to learn that former love Ali MacLaren is now the owner of Willow Inn. She’s considering marriage to John Larder, a man with a mean streak he masterfully hides from all but Ryder. Things heat up as Ryder and Ali confront past hurts, which doesn’t sit well with John Larder; he will do whatever’s necessary to permanently remove Ryder from Willow Lake—and Ali’s life—forever. Ryder longs for Ali’s forgiveness concerning his part in the death of her brother—but he must first learn to forgive himself. Soon he learns that whispers reveal a single act of recklessness…and a lifetime of grace.


Hunter carries the guilt from that fateful day like armor that cannot be removed. Unable to save young Josh MacLaren, he has made it his mission in life to rescue all who cross his path. When he returns to Willow Lake as a top-gun EMT and director of the town’s Crisis Management Team, his path crosses with Maci Ferguson’s, a music therapist who counsels children yet carries her own scars from a painful past. Hunter soon realizes that alone he can’t erase Josh MacLaren’s death and that his love may not be enough to save Maci, either. The two must learn to trust God to work in their lives and heal them both before it’s too late, because forgiveness is a symphony of love.


Mason Donovan has a secret he’s spent years overcoming—dyslexia. As an adolescent, he wanted nothing more than to be included with the other guys in his high school class…and to have a date with Josie Parker. His longing leads to a reckless escapade at Willow Lake and the death of innocent Josh MacLaren. Years later, he’s the most sought-after builder in the Southeast. When Josie contacts him to help her expand her bookstore—her lifelong dream—he heads back to Willow Lake to take on both the project and the ghosts of his past. But is it possible for a bookworm and a builder to find love—and healing—among the romance shelves?


Brody Simmons has loved Catherine Jones his entire life. They planned to marry until Josh’s fateful accident changed the course of their lives. Both went their separate ways…Catherine to medical school and Brody to the unbridled coast of the Florida Keys. A decade later, Brody’s come home to Willow Lake to launch an outdoor adventure business. Mistakes of the past have called him to bring wayward kids back to the fold through nature-themed expeditions. What Brody doesn’t bargain for is to find Catherine in a mission field of her own—operating a pediatric office in Willow Lake. Yet, the two find grace as they learn a mission of adventure leads to healing…and love.


Eight broken hearts, eight lives forever changed. The situation seems hopeless, even to the faithful. But God has a plan to heal broken hearts through His boundless grace. We must remember this, and turn to Him through the darkest of times. His light shines for all, no matter how huge the mistake or how vast the guilt. There is hope for the brokenhearted.


Author Bio:Mary Manners is an award-winning romance writer who lives in the beautiful foothills of East Tennessee with her husband Tim and the cherished cats they've rescued from local animal shelters...Lucky and Gus. She writes romances of all lengths, from short stories to novels—something for everyone. Learn more about Mary Manners at her websiteand at her author pages at Pelican Book Groupand Amazon.

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