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Celebrate Lit: The Fragrance of Violets

Exploring Themes of Abandonment, Forgiveness

By Susan K. Beatty

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Readers like to ask where an author gets her ideas. Sometimes it’s a tough question to answer because our ideas often seem to appear from nowhere.

However, the idea for my newest release, The Fragrance of Violets, percolated in my brain for many years. A similar situation happened to an acquaintance, and I thought it was not resolved well. I imagined a better ending and the glory given to God.

Threads of abandonment, anxiety, pain, and forgiveness weave their way through the novel as we follow Fiona and Nason through their stories. Her father figure abandoned Fiona as a child, and as an adult, she unexpectedly runs into him when business throws them together.

Nason has his own side to the story, his own hurts, his own need to forgive others. Can he recognize the parallels in his situation and Fiona’s, and ask for her forgiveness?

Forgiveness is one of the hardest steps to take in life. Especially when it still hurts. And it usually does. Just thinking about Nason and the fact he left with no explanation rubs the proverbial salt into Fiona’s wound. How can she work with this man without forgiving him? But how can she forgive? Can they be reconciled?

I wrote this story in the pandemic’s second wave while mental health issues skyrocketed. The novel takes place before then, so I didn’t recognize while writing how Fiona’s anxiety and reactions mirrored the current cultural angst.

It doesn’t take a present horrific world-wide event to cause suffering, pain, and anxiety. Living in the past, which encourages us to nurse hurts, will accomplish the same end. I recently heard someone say living in the past is like being in a trap, preventing us from moving toward the future God has for us. Fiona begins the story caught in that snare. Nason soon finds himself captured in a similar mental noose.

Both Fiona and Nason are new Christians. Can they deepen their newfound faith, find their grit, and have the courage to forgive and be released from the enemy’s snare?

I hope you will read The Fragrance of Violets and be encouraged in your own journey of faith and grit.

The Fragrance of Violets, book 2 in my Faces of Courage series, can be ordered here.

susy beatty

Who says you can’t begin a new career after middle age? Certainly not Susan K. Beatty. She is passionate about writing about finding courage through faith and grit, particularly through the trials of breast cancer and other life trials. Her daughter is a metastatic breast cancer “thriver” and has been an inspiration for her writing. Susan’s first novel, Faces of Courage, debuted May 2021, as part of the Faces of Courage series, including several novelettes. She is also the author of An Introduction to Home Education (AKA California Homeschool Manual). Susan is a professional writer/journalist and is active in the writer community. She is proof you can begin a fiction writing career at any age.




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