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Celebrate Lit: From Shore to Shore

By Tabitha Bouldin

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One of the things I never expected to like about writing was the research.

As much as I enjoyed school, history was never my favorite subject. If I’m being honest, I didn’t like it. At all.

It felt like a memorization test. Dates. Facts. Nothing that attracted and held my attention.

So you can imagine my agony when I discovered I would have to actually, you know, research stuff when writing a book.

Turns out that researching stuff you want to know about is not even remotely the same as being forced to memorize the dates of all the major wars.

When I set out to write From Shore to Shore I knew that Bree was a marine biologist. I knew she was on the islands to study coral reefs.

Fun fact: I have never been diving. Deep water and I…well, we don’t get along. I may have mentioned that before.

There was even a brief moment there where I considered not adding any aspects of diving at all.

How could I have a marine biologist and not have a diving scene?

Was I going to let fear keep me from learning?



Trust me, I waffled on that decision for a while. But then I found this cool series of videos about deep sea divers who dive old wrecks looking for treasure.

I hid myself under a blanket and peeked every now and then. Sunken ships are the epitome of “nuh-uh not happening” for me. My toes curled just watching them approach a ship, much less going inside.

Eventually, the history of the wrecks and the excitement of the divers cracked through my fear. I became invested in what they were doing.

I still won’t be going diving. Nope. I’ll keep my toes on solid ground, thank you.

As I took that research and applied it to From Shore to Shore, I realized that while our fears are different, Bree also needed to face her own fear. She believes that she can run from God. After a bad experience, she blamed Him for not protecting her.

She lost her trust in God and spent years running from Him. Bree thinks that if she goes far enough, God will wash His hands of her.

She’s afraid to trust God with her hurts because she thinks He’s responsible for the pain she endured.

Her way of avoiding God is the same way I avoid my fear of deep water. I stay on the shore. Until I wrote this book, I didn’t push myself to step outside my comfort zone.

I learned a lot from writing Bree’s character. It’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to ask questions.

God isn’t afraid of our questions. He’s our comfort and our guide. Our port in the storm and our resting place.




Tabitha Bouldin is a student at Southern New Hampshire University, where she is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. As a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), she works with critique groups and provides endorsements for other authors. Tabitha’s genre of choice is Contemporary Christian Romance which she describes as: Adventure with heart. Tabitha spent ten years working as a Medical Assistant before God opened the door which allowed her to become a stay-at-home-homeschooling-mom and author.

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