Friday, 12 August 2022

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Celebrate Lit: What is Your Why

susy beattyI belong to a health, wellness, and weight loss program in which they frequently ask us, "What is your why?" In other words, why do you want to stick to the program and lose weight? A good question.

Readers ask me why I write about horrific problems like domestic abuse and cancer, as in my novel Faces of Courage? Isn't it depressing? What is my why? Readers may also ask why I write about difficult family relationships, fear, and forgiveness, such as in my upcoming novelette, Carmen's Journey of Courage?

Sometimes light reading fits the bill. We may read a romcom because we really need a laugh right now or we want to savor the sweetness of life and be distracted from the bad news around us.

But there are times we might want to read something that challenges us to look the world in the eye and say, "My God is bigger than any problem you can throw at me." To look through the eyes of another whose life experiences are unique, and maybe even out of our comfort zone, to understand their reactions. Feel what they feel. In a way, carry another's burden ascarmen ad available the Word instructs us. Sure, they're fictional, but maybe the Lord will call you to come alongside a friend who is going through similar hardships. Maybe the story you read will give you a little more understanding.

And what if you've suffered something similar? A Faces of Courage reader said, "But despite the wounds of my heart oozing out from my past, I found this book to be surreal and comforting. I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to keep reading through the pain."

For some readers, the triggers might be too much. I understand. Only you can and should decide whether to tackle such a book.

My why is to show through the medium of story the Lord's faithfulness as characters struggle with finding courage in the hard questions. My why is to encourage the reader to trust the Lord.

What are you reading? What is your why?

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