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Celebrate Lit: Courage to Trust

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When Canaanite harlot, Rahab, catches sight of Israelite spies, she knows Jericho’s days are numbered. The power of the living God was displayed in the desolation the kings on the other side of the Jordan and all in Jericho tremble in fear.

Against all common sense, Rahab commits treason to assist the Israelites, hiding them on her roof and divulging the layout of the city and the patterns of the soldiers as only she would know. In return, the Israelites promise to spare her life and that of her family.

One act of courage that set in motion her destiny amongst the Israelites, and then she waits.

Without a mature believer there to mentor her in her new-found faith. Without the guarantee of a happy ending. Rahab must communicate to her family why they should come to reside with her without violating the Israelite’s trust.

She waits.

Three days while the spies are hidden in the cave in the mountains.

A day or so for the spies to make it back across the river to the camp in Acacia Grove.

Three days as Joshua lodged east of the Jordan.

A day for the crossing of the Jordan and establishing the monuments.

Four + days for the men to heal from their circumcision and honor the Passover.

Seven days as the Israelite army circled Jericho.

A minimum of nineteen days (my guess is more time has passed but isn’t documented in the scripture) amongst growing unrest and agitation in Jericho.

Did she waiver at all? I would have.

Rahab seems confident in Jericho’s fate—For the Lord your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath. But wouldn’t you be tempted to doubt with no word day after day after day?

What if they forget their end of the deal?  What if my people somehow find out and I am executed for treason? What will my family members think of me when I can’t tell them why they should remain with me?

Rahab deserved destruction with the City of Jericho. We all do. The Bible says the wages of sin is death. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. All. Not just the Rahab’s of the world, those who have really sinned and messed up. Not just those who practice evil andNaiome Craige refuse to turn to God’s ways.

All. You. Me.

But God in His great mercy reached down and rescued us from the pit of our sin, providing a way for us to have our relationship with Him restored. And guess which broken human He used in His grand story?


I love the message of Rahab’s story. It was God’s grace that called her by name and redeemed her to walk in such a way as she was called into. God used this woman’s mustard-seed-sized faith and shaped her into a woman whose strength and courage are mentioned all the way into the New Testament.

Are you struggling today with your circumstances? Is your faith wavering at what you cannot see?

If God can make a message out of Rahab’s mess, He can also use you and transform your broken places into something beautiful. He has proven it time and again.

Won’t you trust Him and hold on just a little longer? He is able to move is wild ways beyond what we can think or imagine.

Let the old ways crumble like the walls of Jericho and step out into God’s new plan for you.

Love Biblical Fiction? Find out more about Rahab’s Courage here.

(All scripture is taken from the New King James Version Bible)


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