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Celebrate Lit: The Last Gasp

Relax This Summer with a Riveting Mystery

or a Christian Romance

From 1920s Hollywood to Present-Day Fictional Islands, Celebrate Lit Publishing has something for everyone this summer. This month kicks off with the first book launching the Ever After Mystery series. This unique series offers fairy tale retellings set in the 1920s with a mysterious, often murderous, twist.

chautona havigThe Last Gasp introduces Linda Ashton as “Cinderella” in 1926 Hollywood, a cigarillo and candy girl at the elegant Taj Mahal Theater. It’s supposed to be a simple job. Sell Charleston Chews and Chesterfields before the moving pictures begin and during intermissions. She never imagined that someone would start shooting stars and starlets, and she certainly never imagined being arrested for the crime!

Follow Lucinda and her friends as they try to prove her innocent and find the real killer in this classic mystery, and stay tuned for seven more featuring such fairy tales as Jack and the Beanstalk, Rumplestilskin, The Nightingale, and more!

But, if murder and mayhem isn’t your literary cup of tea, Celebrate Lit Publishing is also excited toThe Last Gasp website available kick off the next island in the Independence Islands Series. These contemporary romances offer a beach escape year-round. Mobile businesses travel about these islands providing services the islands want and need. The next island we feature is Hooper—called “Hopper” by locals. It’s a rabbit-shaped island, and like most people, the locals love their nicknames.

The first book in the Hooper series kicks off after Hurricane Arley leaves the islands with a mess to clean up. In Flipping Hearts, the manager of the island association gets tricked into allowing a home renovation show to film on the island in exchange for help with cleanup, and things go south from there. Sabotage mixed with romantic chemistry leads to an explosive environment, but it’s a romance. You’re ensured a happily ever after of some kind!

Both of Celebrate Lit Publishing’s July releases include a mystery, so the question is: Are you looking for classic historical mysteries or contemporary romance with just a dash of mystery to keep things interesting.

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