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Celebrate Lit - Reclaiming Hope

What would you do for your best friend?

This question can be asked any number of ways, and there are a million possible answers. Some people have had the same best friend since kindergarten. That’s where this story began, though the reader skips all those years and gets to jump right into the fun with our adult hero and heroine. Those years of being best friends, though, they’re important.  

What would you sacrifice for your best friend?

For Nigel “Davy” Jones, the answer is easy: anything. When it comes to Darcy Riggins, his best friend and the boss’ daughter, he will do whatever it takes to make her happy.

The only problem…

He’s been in love with Darcy since they were children.

And she has no idea.

I love the friends-to-more trope. Add in a dash of unrequited love and you have a recipe for heartbreak times two. I wanted to do something different for Nigel and Darcy. They’re not worried about losing their best friend if a relationship doesn’t work out. Their issues go deeper than that.

Nigel has a secret he’s been forced to keep. This secret is what keeps him from revealing his feelings to Darcy.

While she’s searching for Mr. Right (who is standing right in front of her) Darcy comes to the conclusion that marriage isn’t her thing. She’ll just be single forever. No big deal.

Sometimes, God puts the thing we need right in front of our faces, but we’re so busy looking everywhere else, we miss it. It’s like that moment in Bruce Almighty (Jim Carrey is one of my favorite actors!) when Bruce Nolan is having a heart to heart with God because he doesn’t know what to do and he says, “Send me a sign.” Immediately, a truck full of flashing signs passes with things like “Dead End” and “Wait” blaring in his face. Instead of paying attention, Bruce shrugs it off and passes the truck, thinking it’s in his way.

I am guilty of missing signs as obvious as the ones shown to Bruce, and I gave Darcy a few situations where it’s obvious Nigel is her Mr. Right, but she flies past, with the comment, “I need someone like you.”

What will it take to get Darcy to realize that all those flashing signs are pointing her in Nigel’s direction? You’ll have to read the story to find out. Sorry, no spoilers today.

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