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Celebrate Lit: Shattered Guilt

Seeking God’s forgiveness brings freedom, but receiving it is often the real battle. In Shattered Guilt, past mistakes inhibit Melanie Thompson, keeping her from entertaining any new romantic interests, but things just might change when the local Pastor Desmond Brooks enters.

Yet, there’s more to life than romance. As a single-mom entrepreneur, Melanie’s business is floundering. She makes a rash decision and contacts her ex-husband for help. Unknowingly, she opens the door to a twisted connection between his business and a local victimizer. Melanie and her teenage daughter, Lacey, are dragged into the dark web of human trafficking. Events get complicated when Pastor Desmond shattered guilt website availableand her ex-husband join forces searching for Lacey’s missing friend.

Troubled conscience filters throughout the characters in Shattered Guilt, exposing the backwards pride that often lies beneath our sinful nature. The inability to accept God’s forgiveness of our repented sins hinders us from trusting Him and often drives us to act without Him. While the external conflict that pushes Melanie to take reckless action centers around human trafficking, the internal battle, as it always is, revolves around her relationship with Christ. A favorite scene occurs when a homeless man boldly expresses this truth to Melanie.

Many years ago, I thought maybe I could get my story published—something totally out of my wheelhouse. I haven’t always wanted to write, yet I’ve always loved stories. I was a dreamer, and my daydreams forever clouded my real life until God took hold. As an adult, when the Almighty, marriage, and family grounded my universe, the daydreams subsided. God gave me purpose, and life became full. A lifetime later, with kids in college, some married, and grandkids coming, my imagination flared again. Although no longer daydreams, my stories entertained me on long drives visiting kids still away at college. Two of my boys played college ball, and three long road trips to the college baseball World Series in Idaho afforded lots of story creation. But more than entertainment, I realized that real life and real faith depicted in fiction was a great way to encourage people to trust the Lord in everything.

Shattered Guilt’s setting holds a special place in my heart. As a young girl, I lived in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. It was the inspiration for Baykathleen Town. In developing my characters, I fell in love with each of them. They evolved from tiny snippets of personalities I’d met or my family members, friends, and even me. When readers experience their battles in trusting God through blessings and heartache, I hope my Melanie and her friends will encourage readers to turn to the Lord, as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy Shattered Guilt, Book One in the Bay Town Series. I’ve really enjoyed writing it. Revived Hope, a prelude novella, is scheduled for a November 2021 release. Please visit me at or on Facebook at I’m also on Instagram and Goodreads. Please stop by and say hi!

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