Wednesday, 04 August 2021

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The wedding queen and the bald barber…

Not exactly as romantic as you would expect for a novel, right? Well, my specialty is taking the everyday and making it extraordinary.

So, as the saying goes, never trust a bald barber. Now it’s time for the what if…the magical, wonderful moment when a book idea is born. What if someone accused a single wedding planner that she couldn’t be trusted to know about weddings…because she’d never had one? And what if that wedding planner happened to be madly in love with her very first crush? BUT, when they dated originally, it ended really badly? So badly, in fact, that now they’ve sworn to remain friends?

Now you’ve got a story. Throw in some well-meaning friends who try to make Pen see the error of her continual hiding, and you’ve got a story full of thoughtfulness and sweet moments (and no real bald barbers).

Pen thought the only way to keep Mike as a friend was to tell him she thought of him as more of a brother than a boyfriend. She couldn’t stand the thought of losing him. Now, she’s stuck with that lie. Actions (and words according to Proverbs 26:18) have consequences and telling a lie is harmful, even if it seems like it’s helpful at the time.

This lie has grown between Mike and Pen for a decade, and the more it gets repeated, the worse life gets. Losing a friend is hard. Trust is even harder. So often we temper what we say and feel so we can avoid what we think is inevitable instead of trusting God to handle the situation.

In Matchmaker’s Best Friend, that lie gets pushed to the extreme when Pen asks one of her friends to marry Mike in a mock wedding to show off her planning talents to the Independence Islands. Can she stand to watch him walk down the aisle with someone else? Especially if it seems like they are suddenly very cozy together?

In Matchmaker’s Best Friend, you’ll find some beloved storylines. You’ll know from the “matchmaker” part of the title that this is a Cyrano story: A woman in love trying to set up the man she loves with someone else to mend her own heart. You’ll also note from the title that this is a friends-to-more romance.

What you won’t notice from the title is that within the pages we have some great characters, struggling with real issues. It’s full of depth and enough struggle that it rides the line between romance and women’s fiction, though it is solidly a romance. Pen has to get through a major hurdle in this story. Potentially losing your friend to take a chance on a relationship that failed the first time is scary.

I hope you’re not too sad that there are no bald barbers in the story, but we can plainly see how a title can be both incredibly accurate, and still doesn’t convey the entire story. I did that on purpose so you could see that there’s so much more than meets the eye with Matchmaker’s Best Friend.

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