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Celebrate Lit - Tradition of Hurt

Let me introduce you to Amara Martin and Dante Greco of Heart Pressed. These two are the next generation vineyard owners of Elnora Island. Their roots are deep on the island, and I’m not talking about the grapes. The two families came to America from France and Italy to make their stamp on the world. They brought their winemaking skills and vineyard knowledge with them, thus carrying on their family traditions by passing the torch from one firstborn to the next.

Island Escape, to the North, is owned by the Martin family. Southern Shores, to the South, is owned by the Greco family. When Amara moved she made choices that would solidify her independence from her family obligations in unconventional ways. Dante went along with tradition and took on the vineyard when his papa retired, but he now struggles with how to make his mark on the business. When the two meet just before the Sweethearts Festival, attachments develop. Unfortunately, a long-buried rift threatens that hope.

The Martin and the Greco families share a passion for winemaking, but they let a relationship that went wrong decades ago build a wall between them. The broken relationship was followed by a tragedy that drove a wedge even deeper. No one was responsible for the way things turned out, but one family put the blame firmly on the shoulders of the other. No one ever bothered to clear things up and the result was a generation of secrets and avoidance.

Then, there is the tumultuous relationship between Beth Stevens and her mother. Readers met them in Scrumptious Independence and discovered quickly that her mother could me likened to Mrs. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. Her mother’s way of handling the upbringing of her daughters was by making snarky remarks and pushing them to do things her way. Her older daughters complied with her demands but Beth is the a rebel and refused. This is the reason she moved to the Independence Islands. Instead of talking to her mother, she has taken the road of avoidance. When her mother comes for a surprise visit, things do not end well. A wound that already exists will expand and these two women just do not seem to have the capabilities of having civil conversations.

How many times do we let hurts create barriers in our lives? We take offense to something that doesn’t involve us or perceive a situation that wasn’t in our control or we just refuse to talk about it. The result is a wide chasm between the parties that is filled with hurt, bitterness, and plenty of blame or shame. Eventually, that pain gets passed on from one generation to the next, letting the poison spread further than it needs to and affecting more innocent lives. Before you know it, no one understands what started the disagreement to begin with and we lose the opportunity of a potential friendship.

Amara and Dante learn to work together to repair the rift between their families. They  realize they cannot follow their hearts when there is so much left unsaid. They press in against the pain, find the truth of the situation, and strive to find a new beginning. A generation who respect traditions but without the hurt.

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