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Devotional Fiction: Susan K. Beatty

What’s a fiction author doing writing a series of devotionals? It seems to me you’d either be one or the other: a writer of fiction or a write of devotions. Right?

Not when your publisher is as creative as mine. She said why not combine the two? What? She reminded me there had been at least one precedent, a four-book series of short story devotions centered on a holidays theme. So why not do something similar?

susy beattyPutting our heads together to find our own spin on the idea, we came up with writing flash fiction devotions. (Okay, it was really her idea.)  I would write a piece of flash fiction (a very short story, usually under a thousand words) that illustrated a point in Scripture and included my reflection on the theme. I would include a flash fiction devotion in my monthly author newsletter. 

Could I do this? What would I write about? It seemed only natural to focus on my theme Courage: The Intersection of Faith and Grit. Each story in 2020 showed people in everyday life situations looking for and finding their courage. 

            What a blessing to receive reader notes telling me how something in the devotional spoke to their heart just at the right time. I praise the Lord that He has used those stories in someone’s life. (We authors can be an insecure lot!)

            Now we’ve compiled the last twelve months of devotions into one volume. I have added a prayer to each entry and written four new


Courage Devotional

To purchase Courage Devotional,

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flash fiction devotions to be included. Courage for Your Everyday Life—A Faces of Courage flash fiction devotional was released as an e-book and paperback on Amazon.

 I’m so glad the Lord’s vision is greater than mine. And thankful for an inventive publisher. (Thank you, Sandy Barela and Celebrate Lit!) 

Below, I’m pleased to share a new flash fiction devotional like those in my book.

Don’t Give Up

Adelle lugged herself up onto the jeep’s worn seat. For a moment she gazed through the cracked window of her faithful vehicle that reminded her of herself. Hadn’t she told the mission’s pastor she was too old for this job? More than once? Or was it too scared?

She rested her head against the steering wheel, attempting to shut out the young people’s rudeness. It was the latest in a long line of destructive behaviors. But tonight, the depth had pierced her heart with such force, she fled the building, but not before telling the pastor she was retiring, leaving this forsaken place. She refrained from calling it God forsaken, because she knew God was here, but for some reason, He’d deemed her no longer useful.

The open jeep meant the inky black sky, littered with stars, canopied her in the tepid desert night. Musky odors wafted in from the creosote bushes alongside the adobe building. The wild screech of a red-tailed hawk split the silence, echoing in Adelle’s soul.

Time to get to her bungalow and start packing. She turned the key, and just as the engine rumbled to life, a teenage girl burst through the door and charged toward her.

“Miss Adelle, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over them.” Evangeline’s usually sweet voice wailed. Black bangs met her wrinkled brow.


When the Lord’s work gets too hard, it’s good to remember that He is beside us, giving us faith and courage to keep going. He holds us in His righteous right hand, promising us rewards. We may not see the rewards until we get to heaven, but His promises are sure. Let’s grab our grit where it intersects with faith. That’s where we’ll find our courage.


But as for you, be strong; don’t give up, for your work has a reward. (2 Chronicles 15:7 CSB)


Lord, thank you for being with me. Help me find my courage to stay strong and not give up.

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