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Lighten Up

Some people, it has been said, are afflicted with terminal seriousness. Here are seven ways to lighten up.

      1.   Limit your circle of acceptable perfectionists to your personal physician or surgeon, your dentist, your CPA, your lawyer, your mechanic, your editor and/or proofreader, and your mother, since by default she is always right.

      2.   However, if your mother really is a perfectionist, you might be better off eloping than allowing her to plan and control your wedding, because someone like that can really believe that it is more important to have everything “just so” than to simply relish the moment.

      3.   When traveling with a perfectionist, take care not to change your plans, or even to suggest some flexibility. “Whatever” is not in their vocabulary, nor is “Does it really matter if . . . ?”

      4.   Accept your own best effort. It is okay to say, “It’s good enough.” You do not have to use a level to be sure that all the pictures in your home are hung horizontally.

      5.   Avoid churches or groups of religious people with a perfectionistic emphasis, because those who think they are already “perfected” in this life, and therefore never make mistakes, are deluded, to start with, and are quite often proud of their imaginary superiority. While their fantasy requires the existence of less perfect people like you (and me) so they have someone to look down on, normal folks have no obligation to feed perfectionistic delusions.

      6.   If you have children, encourage them to do their best, and celebrate when they do, regardless of which “team” wins, or whether or not the “report card” has a few C’s or worse. Some people think that competition builds character, and this can be true in some cases. Competition can build character, but the reality is that since most people “lose” when it comes to competition, more self-esteem harm is done when all that matters is winning.

      7.   Never forget that if you are a follower of Jesus, you are “accepted in the beloved” (Eph. 1:6). This means that there is nothing you need to do, or even can do, to earn God’s acceptance, because this acceptance is a gift, by grace, through faith, lest anyone should boast (Eph. 2:8-9).

Columnist: Dr. David B. Biebel

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Dr. Biebel has authored or co-authored twenty books, including one bestseller: If God Is So Good, Why Do I Hurt So Bad? and the Gold Medallion winner, New Light on Depression. His recent releases include Making God Visible and Away in a Manger: The Christmas Story from a Nativity Scene Lamb's Point of View.

His goal is to help people attain and retain optimal physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational health (personal wholeness) so they can love the Lord with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength, and their neighbors as themselves. He founded Healthy Life Press ( to help new authors with something to contribute in this arena to get their works into print.

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