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Angel Animals Quiz

Ever wonder what makes animals work miracles on Earth? How exactly do God’s creatures perform godlike feats in the nick of time? Take this quiz (courtesy of The Angel Animals Network) and read a few real tales with true holiday spirit from above.







  1. Are you a person who loves animals?
  2. Do you sometimes believe animals are angels in disguise?
  3. Do you consider your animal companions to be part of your family?
  4. Do you feel better when your animal companion is nearby?
  5. Has an animal saved your life—physically, emotionally, or spiritually?
  6. Have you prayed and found answers or assistance through an animal messenger?
  7. Did an animal protector help you heal in some way?
  8. Did you ever have an experience where an animal that died let you know that they’re still present spiritually, and the love has survived?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be one of many people who believe in animal angels.




            Years ago, when Stephanie Laland, author of Peaceful Kingdom: Random Acts of Kindness by Animals and Animal Angels was distraught about her life a miracle happened. She remembers sitting on her bed and crying. “Suddenly, my two-year-old calico cat Yoko jumped up on my lap and put her paws on my face and licked the tears away,” she says. And while some cats are deeply affectionate, Laland confesses, “This wasn’t the sort of action that my cat would normally do. At that moment she was my little angel.”


            Since then, Laland had turned her life around. She is, and teaches workshops for people wishing to boost their bond with animals. She feels she knows firsthand how it feels to be touched by an animal angel. Many of the stories in her work suggest that the notion of animal angels isn’t merely whimsy.


Take, for example, the story of Mrs. Sweeney, an elderly woman who had always welcomed animals in need into her home. One winter evening, she became ill and wasn’t able to move from her bed. As the fire from the stove went out, the house grew deathly cold. Too feeble and ill to move, she was sure she would freeze before daybreak. In the morning, when her neighbor came to check on her she discovered the freezing temperatures and raced to the old woman’s bed, fearing the worst. But Mrs. Sweeney was safe in bed, very much alive—and not cold at all. She was quite comfortable, with seven cats and a dog draped over her warm body like a fur blanket.







            So, what about the absurdity of it all? Is it possible that a four-legged, furry feline could be a messenger of God? “It’s logically possible,” says Mike Meyer, PhD, professor of philosophy. “Santa Claus is possible, although we have lots of good reasons to believe that he doesn’t exist.”


            But what would be a sign that a cat is a real angel? “It would have to be something pretty incredible,” he says. “If a cat parted the Red Sea and helped all the felines in Egypt escape, or lifted the Empire State Building—that would be a miracle,” says Meyer.


            Regardless of your beliefs, if you listen to the stories, each tale of animal angels led their owners to a spiritual connection that provided comfort and guidance. You, too, may experience an animal angel encounter—whether it’s a short-term sighting or a long-term gift of unconditional love.


When you consider that Jill Hartman claims in All About Angels: A Biblical Look at God’s Messengers that an estimated 69 percent of Americans believe in angels, it just might be worth paying attention.





Suggestions from Laland:


1. Be on the lookout for a stray cat or kitten anywhere. Don’t hesitate to rescue a helpless cat; it may be an angel cat ready to reach out and guide you. Many times the animal angel is a stricken or helpless creature sent to encourage the person to care for it. According to legend, this is why people who take in a stray animal come to feel that the day they found him or her was the luckiest day of their lives.


2. Any time you get the opportunity to help a human or furry being, remember “what goes around comes around” and someone will be there for you.


3. When something occurs that seems like it’s a mere coincidence, think twice. It may be a cat angel scratching on your door.

Columnist: Cal Orey

PictureCal Orey, M.A.  is an author and journalist. Her books include the Healing Powers Series (Vinegar, Olive Oil, Chocolate, Honey, Coffee, and Tea) published by Kensington. (The collection has been featured by the Good Cook Book Club.)  Her website is

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