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We have taken our first steps into 2018.  As most of us do, we go into the New Year with many resolutions, goals, plans, and dreams of bettering ourselves and our lives.  We plan to work  harder to do more and be better.  But, if the truth be told, we also go into the New Year with fears as well.  Fears?  Maybe the prior year was not so good.  Maybe you fear the upcoming year will not be any better.  Maybe you are entering the new year with seemingly dire situations, wondering if there is any resolve for these situations.   Possibly you fear you won’t achieve your goals and resolutions that you have made for yourself.  Maybe you have unwarranted worries of bad health, bad finances, disappointments, relationships failing....maybe an overall worry of “doom and gloom”. 

We all face challenges in life each and every year.  Our challenges vary tremendously.  Some years go without the storms of life challenging us.  Then there are other years where we look back and cannot even make sense of how we made it through other than the mercy and grace of God carrying us.  There are years in my life where circumstances out of my control left me feeling like I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other.  There are years that I look back on where I felt I had failed, made bad decisions, and struggled because of my own actions and decisions.

I look back on 2017 and see the areas where I feel I “failed”.  I look back and still feel the hurt and sting of hard circumstances that were out of my control. But as I look at 2018, I leave all of that behind.  The only thing I fear about 2018 is this....being insignificant and not making a difference.  I know that I can take all of the hardships I’ve endured, even the self inflicted ones, and use the experience to help others that may be experiencing similar situations. I also want to use my God given abilities, talents, and resources to make a difference and help others. I want to excel in this.  I don’t ever want to become complacent in doing this.  I am only fulfilled when I know that I am working hard to impact others and help them to realize their potential.  I am only fulfilled when I can be a positive force in someone’s life that helps them to “overcome” and become the best version of themselves.  I know that this is my calling. So, I refuse to become lazy and complacent.  I refuse to let hardships hinder me from doing this.  I want this calling and determination to be the driving force behind what keeps me pushing hard....even through hard, trying times. 

I encourage you to do the same.  I know each and every one of you have endured many hardships.  I know that you have even endured self inflicted hardships.  Why not make a commitment to let 2018 be the year that you reach out to others and be a “light” in their life to help them through hardships?  Each and every one of us is capable of being the voice of reason, the voice of encouragement, the voice of hope, to someone who is struggling.  Pray that God would bring those people into your path that you can help.  Believe me, He will do it.  He is waiting on you....on someone...who is willing to be His hands and feet.  The fulfillment and reward YOU will receive by doing this is none that can compare. 

Make 2018 the year that you become a LIGHTHOUSE for others!  Be determined to make a difference!

Columnist: Kellye Davis Williams


Kellye Davis Stellman is a personal trainer, gym owner, and certified Life Coach who focuses on the health and well being of her clients as well as coaching them to make positive changes that will impact the rest of their lives.  She helps them achieve their health and fitness goals as well as encourages them to strive for and achieve their “life goals” with her message of hope. 

Kellye resides in East Atlanta with her husband Keith.  She has 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren.  She is an active member of The Tabernacle Church.  In her spare time she loves traveling, spending time with her husband and daughters, shopping, and simply enjoying coffee with friends. 



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