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Why is obesity & being overweight dangerous to your health?

“A drunkard may reach old age; a glutton, never.”

Sylvester Graham

People are getting more overweight in all parts of the world. Over 60% of overweight and obese people believe their body weight (and that of their overweight or obese children), fall in the acceptable range AND that they would still live a long healthy life. Let’s look at the reality check on what being overweight will do to you.

• Obese men were 8 TIMES more likely to suffer a heart attack, a fatal blood clot or get diabetes
• Obese men were 3 TIMES as likely to get any of these serious conditions as their normal weight peers by middle age
• Obese men had DOUBLE the rates of high blood pressure
• Obese men were TWICE as likely to have died before the age of 55
• Youth provides no protection against the deadly effects of being overweight
• Being obese or carrying a large waist contributes to over 50% of fatal heart attacks
• Being overweight gives men a 49% increased risk of heart failure and by 11% for every extra 3kg of flab they carry
• Raises ovarian cancer risk for women by 80%
• Causes 24% of adult-onset diabetes
• Causes 24% of osteoarthritis
• Causes 22% of cardiovascular diseases
• Causes 20% of colorectal, breast, uterine and kidney cancer
• Accelerates the growth of many cancers by more than 50%
• Being overweight from an early age boosts the risk of premature death by 50%
• Causes weaker bones and osteoporosis
• Gives an 80% lower chance of reaching age 70 without disease
• Being overweight will become the biggest cause of cancer deaths in women by 2018
• A large belly gives an 80%-360% higher chance of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia
• Gives women MORE THAN DOUBLE the risk of dying of heart disease, stroke or cancer, and dramatically increases your risk of dying young
• Being overweight gives a 180% higher risk of suffering or dying of breast cancer
• Increases your risk of painful fibromyalgia by 60%
• Leads to sexual problems for women and impotence for men
• The more overweight you are; the smaller and more aged your brain becomes, and the faster your reasoning, memory and other mental skills fall
• Children born to overweight mothers have more body fat, live a much shorter life and have up to 50% higher risk of congenital heart defects and other illnesses
• Being overweight in your 40s dramatically increases the risk of multiple chronic diseases, impaired cognitive function, loss of physical function and mental health in your 60s – just 20 years later
• Being obese at 40 means a life expectancy of 68
• Being obese at 20 means you lose 13-20 years of life
• Obese people have a 21% higher risk of dying from cancers of the large intestine, breast, ovary, cervix, and prostate, and leukaemia
• Obesity raises risk of renal cancer by 48%
• Obesity doubles your risk of kidney stones, and directly leads to diabetes, hypertension and stroke
• At least 30% of teenagers are now at risk of coronary disease already, due to weight-gain and inactivity
• Obesity is likely to shorten your life by AT LEAST 15 years
• Over 7,000 studies including the World Cancer Research Fund tell us that being even slightly overweight increases the risk of oesophagus, liver, pancreas, bowel, breast, kidney, prostate, ovarian and womb cancers.

Here is a "visual" for that you can SEE how being overweight affects your body! This image shows a 250 lb. woman on the left and a 120 lb. woman on the right.

We can see weight gain from the outside, but we usually can't see what it's doing on the inside. Look at the fat surrounding the organs in the woman on the left. Do you also see the fat around her heart and her brain? Scary! Look at the compression around the stomach and internal organs. Look at the compressed knee joints. These knees probably ache a little more than they should! These statistics and visuals are eye opening! These statistics should be a huge motivating factor in our decision to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight so that we may live a longer, healthier life! The healthiest way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight is through a healthy diet and exercise. You MUST pursue both of these things! Your health and life depend on it! Over 90,000 needless cancer deaths per year could be avoided if we just ate less. Eating too much food is one of the main risk factors for cancer due to the additional risks of malignancies caused by obesity. Exercise is also vital in maintaining good health. These reasons and many more are why I recommend you get yourself to your ideal weight and keep yourself there – FOR LIFE!



“…it’s clear from a vast body of research that obesity and mortality are associated, and that a higher BMI is tied to earlier death as well as higher rates of disease, many of which are serious.” Harvey Grill, PhD, President of The Obesity Society (TOS)

Columnist: Kellye Davis Williams


Kellye Davis Stellman is a personal trainer, gym owner, and certified Life Coach who focuses on the health and well being of her clients as well as coaching them to make positive changes that will impact the rest of their lives.  She helps them achieve their health and fitness goals as well as encourages them to strive for and achieve their “life goals” with her message of hope. 

Kellye resides in East Atlanta with her husband Keith.  She has 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren.  She is an active member of The Tabernacle Church.  In her spare time she loves traveling, spending time with her husband and daughters, shopping, and simply enjoying coffee with friends. 



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