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Reach For Your Goals!

In order to pursue goals you’ve set for yourself you have to know how to pursue them and what helps you pursue them.  Basically, you have to organize your life.   Here are some suggestions on the things that you can do to get started!

  1. Why? Find your why.  What is your purpose?  Identify the desires that you have that motivate you to do what you do.  It doesn’t have to be anything super deep.  Ask yourself what the most important things are in your life.  What propels you to get up every day and do what you do? In my case, my desire is to have a positive impact on the lives of people and help people in any way that I can.  Fortunately, my career and my business accommodates that as a gym owner, personal trainer, and life coach.  But even before all of that, it was my desire and I pursued doing that in other ways.  Before my current career and business I did that by going into nursing homes and visiting with residents,  and volunteering.  I also was the Women’’s Ministry Leader at my church and that allowed me to help others in many ways.  Those things were stepping stones that led me to what I’m doing today.  All of which I accomplished by setting goals and taking the steps to work towards them!  Maybe your goal is to create a happy, healthy environment to your family.  Maybe it is to pursue furthering your education.  Maybe it is to pursue exercising and eating healthy.  Whatever it is, “defining” your goals and the motivation behind them is key.

2.  Set your goals!  Once you set a goal you have to break it down.  You have to map out smaller goals that help lead you to the end goal.  This helps to keep you on track and helps working towards your goals not become overwhelming and seemingly impossible!

3.  Get rid of the clutter!  When you think of clutter, you usually think of clutter in your home, office, car, etc.  But there are other forms of clutter as well.  They all need to be addressed!  Clutter is defined as anything that we don’t need, want, or use that takes our time, energy or space and destroys our serenity.  Clutter is very distracting and comes in many forms including physical, mental, and emotional.  In order to organize your life, you need to understand the different forms of clutter, and declutter the unnecessary. 

      A.  Physical Clutter:  Physical clutter is any item lying around where it doesn’t belong and causing an unorganized mess.  Anything that doesn’t have a defined use or space can be considered clutter.  If you find yourself moving something from one space to another because it doesn’t belong there but you aren’t sure where it belongs, that is considered clutter.  Identify your physical clutter and eliminate it by putting it in it’s place or getting rid of it.

      B.  Mental Clutter:  Mental clutter is all the things that weigh on your mind and keep you from thinking about the important things.   It can affect your mood,  your reactions, your productivity, and your over all well being.  It includes guilty conscious, second guessing, overthinking, and limiting beliefs.  Do you find yourself overthinking every decision you make?  Feeling like “everything happens to you”?  Have a guilty conscious?  Always second guessing yourself?  Feel like you aren’t good enough?  That’s mental clutter.  You cant move forward with organizing your life with all the mental clutter.  You need to figure out where it is coming from and work through it. 

      C.  Emotional Clutter:  Emotional clutter is directly connected to mental clutter.  It is an extreme response or reaction to a specific situation or event and is most likely caucused or heavily influenced by your mental clutter.  Emotional clutter reactions include taking everything personally, having anxiety attacks, developing addictions, overreacting to every day situations or events, having emotional meltdowns, and binge eating….just to name a few.  When you start to deal with getting rid of the mental clutter, the emotional clutter starts to resolve itself.

      D.  Organize Your Time:  One way to begin to organize your time is to learn to say NO!  You do not have to do everything that everyone asks you to do and you don’t need to feel guilty about saying no!  Choose the things that are the most important and say no to everything else.  Create routines.  Establishing routines is very vital in organizing your life.  Common routines include a daily routine (little things you do every day),  morning routine (the things you do first thing to start your day), afternoon routine (outside of your work day and getting ready for dinner), evening routine (after dinner and getting ready for the next day), bedtime routine (what you do before you go to bed),  and cleaning routine (cleaning that you do daily, weekly, monthly), Once you establish routines you will find that your days and your life run much more smoothly.

      E.  Make To Do Lists:  Your to do list is like setting mini goals.  Make to do lists for the larger tasks, then one for the smaller tasks.

An organized life will simply your daily life and reduce stress.  And more importantly it helps you take the steps in reaching your goals and bettering your life!

Columnist: Kellye Davis Williams


Kellye Davis Stellman is a personal trainer, gym owner, and certified Life Coach who focuses on the health and well being of her clients as well as coaching them to make positive changes that will impact the rest of their lives.  She helps them achieve their health and fitness goals as well as encourages them to strive for and achieve their “life goals” with her message of hope. 

Kellye resides in East Atlanta with her husband Keith.  She has 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren.  She is an active member of The Tabernacle Church.  In her spare time she loves traveling, spending time with her husband and daughters, shopping, and simply enjoying coffee with friends. 



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