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The Beginning of Day

It is said that the first hour of your day determines the next 23.  If I didn’t set my alarm and get up and hour early before I have to start getting ready for my day, I would be a mess the rest of the day! If I don’t carve out that hour first thing in the morning before I start my day, I feel unorganized, scattered, and stressed the rest of the day! This time grounds me, connects me to God, makes me focus on all I’m grateful for, and reminds me of my personal vision and “pre paves” the day. 

If I go even a couple of days without doing this I’m off kilter.  I lose my focus and without focus on the good, all I see is the bad.  If I am short on time I use the 3,3,3 routine.  And so can you!

3 minutes of gratitude

3 minutes of prayer

3 minutes of visualization 

Let’s break it down...

Gratitude: No matter how bad you’ve got it, there is good to see. And trust me, Ive been in some really dark places.  One of my favorite sayings is “the universe doesn’t hear what you say, it hears what you feel.”  So the point of this is to “feel” your way into it.  Start with anything: “I’m grateful for my home, my kids, the good influences in my life, my job, my relationships. Name certain people.  Get the momentum going and let it roll.  You’ll soon find yourself smiling.

Prayer: Pray for those you love. Ask God to work through you.  Ask to be a vessel. When you wake up every day with a servant’s heart, success with everything...relationships, business, etc. will come.  One of my favorite simple prayers is....”God take me where you want me to go, let me meet who you want me to meet, tell me what you want me to say, and keep me out of your way.”

Visualization: I’m a HUGE believer in this!  What I do most mornings is I pre pave my day.  I see the day happening and I see myself showing up as my best.  I think about the hiccups I may run into and instead I see them working out beautifully.  I see myself interacting positively and happily with the people closest to me.  I see me rocking my business that I run. I see myself killing my workout.  And I see myself ending the day satisfied.  

So now you’ve pre paved the day.  Let’s take a look at the bigger vision for your life, where you’ll be in just 2 to 3 years. Get excited about what your vision is for your

future and where you are going.  Remember when you focus on the WHY, the HOW will show up.

Your morning routine has to energize and invigorate you.  If it doesn’t change it up and

COMMIT to the new process!

Trust me, your morning routine....every single day...is the key to it all!


"The way you start your day drives how beautifully you live it."  Robin Sharma

"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life" Psaslm 143:8

Columnist: Kellye Davis Williams


Kellye Davis Stellman is a personal trainer, gym owner, and certified Life Coach who focuses on the health and well being of her clients as well as coaching them to make positive changes that will impact the rest of their lives.  She helps them achieve their health and fitness goals as well as encourages them to strive for and achieve their “life goals” with her message of hope. 

Kellye resides in East Atlanta with her husband Keith.  She has 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren.  She is an active member of The Tabernacle Church.  In her spare time she loves traveling, spending time with her husband and daughters, shopping, and simply enjoying coffee with friends. 



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