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Exercise: Physical and Spiritual

Exercise and fitness is so much more than a physical practice.  It is very much a spiritual practice as well!  It is an avenue in which we become better and grow as a WHOLE!

Just as important as any physical results, you engage in your fitness practice because it helps you to be happy and feel alive, because it helps elevate your state of being.  You know that the better you feel physically, the better your spiritual life and sense of well being.  As a result of your physical practice you make other healthy decisions.  Your fitness is part of the foundation of your healthy lifestyle.

You also use your workouts as a time to reflect.  These are moments you spend with yourself.  You can think about things. You can work out problems. You process.  You tune into where you are in your heart and mind.  In fact, reflection is probably what led to your physical practice in the first place. 

You face yourself and grow in more ways than physical.  You acknowledge changes you want to make.  You grow as a whole. You overcome parts of yourself.  The physical exertion in your workouts provides the mirror.  Fears, doubts, and other hindrances come to the surface, mirroring those that come up in your life.  Your physical fitness mirrors the way you engage your life and life’s obstacles and challenges. 

You test your will.  You exercise your intention and strengthen your resolve.  Not only do you make it to your workouts, but each workout is a test of your will.  You are challenged with the difficulty of your workouts and decide whether to push through or stop.  You come up against something that you’re not sure you can do, and yet you find it within yourself.  You prove to yourself that you are capable of more than you think you are.  Part of you wants to slow down or quit, but you keep going.  Your strength of will overrides.

Your heart is engaged through challenge.  Your heart is found in pushing through despite difficulty and adversity.  In giving your workouts all you can give, and pushing through the physical limitations of your body, you allow yourself to be vulnerable in your level of fitness.

You expand your comfort zone.  You challenge yourself and push your limits.  You broaden your physical and mental capacity.  You are a conqueror in your fitness, conquering goals, personal records, and inner barriers.  Starting any fitness adventure can be intimidating, but you do it anyway...growing in courage and your ability to handle whatever life throws at you.

You release emotion and energy.  The physical release provides mental and emotional release.  Most people say that their workouts are their times of “stress relief” and “stress release”. 

Your mind quiets down.  You are no longer worrying about the future or thinking about problems, your to do list, or the overwhelm and stress of life.  Because of the demands of what you are doing in your workout you are focused on the task at hand.

You have mental or emotional breakthroughs.  You surprise yourself with what you are capable of.  You do things that you couldn’t do before.  You push yourself further than before, beyond preconceived limits, and see yourself in a new light.  This produces a healthy self confidence!

God designed exercise and self care to be all of these things for us!  Physical fitness was designed by God to make us better as a WHOLE!  Not just physically!  It gives us better quantity and quality of life!

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own.  You were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your bodies.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Columnist: Kellye Davis Williams


Kellye Davis Stellman is a personal trainer, gym owner, and certified Life Coach who focuses on the health and well being of her clients as well as coaching them to make positive changes that will impact the rest of their lives.  She helps them achieve their health and fitness goals as well as encourages them to strive for and achieve their “life goals” with her message of hope. 

Kellye resides in East Atlanta with her husband Keith.  She has 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren.  She is an active member of The Tabernacle Church.  In her spare time she loves traveling, spending time with her husband and daughters, shopping, and simply enjoying coffee with friends. 



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