Tuesday, 04 October 2022

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We have several packages to accommodate all advertising budgets, and if you don't see something that fits your needs, contact us for a customized campaign. Nothing too big or too small!

My first experience with TWJM while acting as editor-in-chief of another publishing company was top notch, yielding an apparent difference in sales and contacts. So much so, that as the owner of Stonebridge Publications, the choice to continue a relationship with TWJM was a no-brainer!”
~Teresa Ortiz, CEO Stonebridge Publications

“Buried Treasures is holding at 240,000 spots higher in ranking in the Amazon store than before the ad went live…I know it’s the (TWJ) ad because it’s the only advertising I have for BT this month. Awesome.
~Mary Manners, Award-winning author of Buried Treasures

Our sales were slow this spring, so I signed up for TWJ’s summer reads/beach reads promotion. I’m very pleased with how hard Pam has worked to spread the word about the books, and the effectiveness of the campaign, especially the bump in sales we’ve seen over the past month.

~Joan M. Shoup, Sheaf House Publishers

What a treat it was to participate in #beachreads with TWJ Magazine.  My third mystery in a series, Into the Clouds, was featured along with 33 other titles of various authors.  Two days after the multi-media blast, I saw a hike in the Amazon ranking for Into the Clouds.  Loads of thanks to the TWJM’s marketing gang and their good work.  Cheers. 

~Marilyn Leach

Since placing an ad in (TWJ Magazine) my book sales have doubled
~ Sid Frost, Author of Where Love Once Lived

2020 UPDATE on Ad packages

We have discontinued our pre-set ad packages and now create custom packages based on your specific needs. Please contact us for advertising information. We have price ranges from $5 to $2500.

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