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Since 2011 TWJ has spotlighted relevant news about wholesome books, movies, and music. Part of the Pelican Ventures, LLC family of companies, TWJ is a Christian company whose mission to uphold the Gospel of Jesus Christ is paramount.

What is TWJ?

TWJ Magazine is an exciting resource for bringing news of wholesome entertainment to the attention of avid readers, movie-goers and music lovers. Through online issues of the journal, a subscription newsletter, premium content, and social media, TWJ promotes quality books, movies and music, to those who seek wholesome, moral entertainment. While TWJ was originally "The Wordsmith Journal" we've expanded and honed our outreach so much over the years that we're not just focused on wordsmithing. So today, the initials TWJ proudly stand for "Today with Jesus!"

A Little History

TWJ Magazine was founded in 2011 (then known as "The Wordsmith Journal"), and Pamela Thibodeaux was the journal's initial Marketing Director. Soon after the journal's launch, Pamela S. Thibodeaux Enterprises, purchased the journal, which became known as The Wordsmith Journal Magazine. Under Pamela's diligent and faithful leadership, The Wordsmith Journal Magazine experienced much acclaim and success, with it's newsletter reader base expanding exponentially in just a few short months. In Autumn, 2013, Pamela sold The Wordsmith Journal Magazine to Pelican Ventures LLC--a company she had been affiliated with for several years as both an author and marketing associate.  She remained on-board at TWJ Magazine and Pelican Ventures in a marketing capacity and TWJ Magazine columnist.

Newsletter Subscribers

Each month we send our latest news and exclusive content to our subscribers around the world. Our subscribers are people who love and support wholesome entertainment, and our subscriber count is continually growing.

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With almost 17,000 page views on G+ and the 1000s we reach monthly through Facebook and Twitter, TWJ is privileged to promote wholesome entertainment to the masses, even beyond our subscriber list!

Fueling Wholesome Entertainment

TWJ Magazine is the premier publication for lovers of the written word.