Friday, 27 November 2020

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A Word about Draw Me to Your Side

1. When did you know you wanted to write books?

In fifth grade my teacher challenged me to keep a journal which I continued with passion. I read every fiction item I could get my hands on as I continued through school. By the eleventh grade I knew I wanted to write. It wasn’t until I was an adult after my children were grown that I seriously thought about publishing my work.

2. What genre do you read and write?

I read most fiction genres especially Christian historical fiction and Christian contemporary fiction. I love mystery and romance too. Except for a few short stories and articles written in the contemporary genre, I write historical fiction. I plan to write a few contemporary novels in the next few years.

The Revolutionary Faith Series is set in Charles Town, SC during the pre-revolution and revolution era. The five books follow the lives of regular citizens placed in volatile, chaotic, and unpredictable situations—like war! I am fascinated with the facts that the citizens of the thirteen colonies had so many hard decisions to make. Then, they had to figure out how to exist with battles, siege, death, disease, and enemies at their doors. Draw Me to Your Side is book four in the series, set in 1776 Charles Town, SC.  

3. How much research do you do for your novels?

I love research. Is that nerdy or what? For my Revolutionary Faith Series, I have read about forty-five nonfiction and fiction books in order to write my novels. I find the process fascinating. Also, I spend time in the settings of my books. With this series I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina four times for research. I’ve met so many helpful people at the libraries, museums, and archives.

4. What else are you working on for the future?

I completed Book Five in the Revolutionary Faith Series. My next project is my third book in my Gardens in Time series. It is set in Chenonceau, France in the 1700s. I have finished the first two books in the series which could be published in the next few years. I’m always writing and researching. I love it!!!

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