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A Word from Teresa Posey Carey

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#1. What genre do you write and what made you choose that genre?

I write Childrens Christian rhyming books, i chose that genre because of my love for rhyming verse stories and God's word, I paired them together to teach children the word in a fun sort of way.


 #2. When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

 I first knew i wanted to write verse after reading Dr. Suess rhyming books to my daughter when she was young. I do believe there was also a little gift of writing laying in me from God as all my test scores tended to be higher in Literature and the arts.


#3. Do you have a mentor? Tell us about him/her how they have helped you.

Absolutely, my mentor is my good friend and christian author Caryl McAdoo.
She writes historical christian romance novels and has a total of 48 published books. She has been the most wonderful guide and mentor a person could ask for. Thankyou Caryl!


#4. Are your stories well outlined ahead of starting, or do you write for discovery?

Most of my stories are not previously outlined, it's exciting to see just what God has planned for them and to see them shape up as i go, although Glitter the kind little glowbug is an exception, i did do an outline on that one story.


#5. Who did you dedicate your book to and why?

I dedicated my book The Creeper to The Lord Jesus Christ, and without him in the story it would be incomplete, he brings everything together and was also my c/o author and guide in writing.


#6. What are you working on now? do you have a new story going?

Yes i am currently working on several different stories, but the main one is Blossom The Opossums Awesome Winter Surprise, which will release very soon. Beezley the bee will follow along with Glitter the kind little glow bug and a few more.


#7. What advice would you give an inspiring writer?

I'd tell them to let God take the lead and direct their paths in writing, and always use critique-not be offended by it-let the critique help to make their stories the best stories they can possibly be.

 THE CREEPER is available on Amazon today.



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