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Interview: Duane R. Lindberg

“The Kingdom of The Rings”

Congratulations on your new book! Can you tell us what it's about?

 The Kingdom of The Rings is the saga of three mysterious golden Rings which were
in the gift of gold given to the Christ Child by the Magi. The Rings had been preserved as a
treasure of the Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt until the 13th century. The story begins
in AD 1267 when the Rings are carried by a Coptic Crusader to the besieged city of Antioch,
Syria. When the Muslim army captures the city, the Crusader escapes with the Rings, to
Cyprus, where they are separated.

 The Rings are given as gifts of grace to those who extend Christ-like kindness to the
Crusader as he Journeys the Pilgrims’ Way to the Nideros Cathedral in Norway, seeking
healing from Leprosy. Two Rings are treasured by churches on the Pilgrims’ Way during the
Middle Ages. Suspense builds when the churches are despoiled of their treasures at the
beginning of the Reformation. But the Rings are hidden by families in the ancient
“Kingdom of The Rings.”

 The third Ring returns to Alexandria, Egypt and is kept in secret by the family of a
Muslim general who was converted to Christianity by the message of the Ring, “ASHEM”
meaning “Truth” or “The Incarnation of Truth.”

 Only the eldest child in each family knows the hiding place and the secret message of
one Ring. Through the vicissitudes of history, the keepers of the rings are caught up in the
massive immigration to America in the 18th and 19th centuries.

 The intrigue quickens as the reader follows the immigrants through their pioneering
struggles – harsh winters, hostile Indians, death in childbirth, crop failures, civil war. The
persistent question on the minds of the keepers of the Rings is: “Where are the other
Rings?” and “When will they come together?” because each holds fast to the promise of a
great blessing for the family, the nation, and the world when the Rings are united again.

 The anticipated reunion of the Rings seems imminent at the Chicago World’s Fair in
1893. The keepers of the Rings come close, but the Rings are not revealed. The intrigue
quickens again as the Rings come near at Aleppo, Syria during the First World War.

 The reader will be eager to follow story of the Rings as they continue to move
through history.

Can you tell us about your publishing journey? How did you publish it?

I had a long but rewarding publication journey which lasted two years. But the result was a better
book. I considered several options but am very thankful that I published with a small Christian

Now that you are published, can you give some advice to others who would like to get their
book published?

Identify those publishers who have published your type of book. Then, persistence is the
key. Do not become discouraged by getting turned down by the first publishers you contact.
Be willing to make suggested changes, especially those that relate to structural matters.

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

I would have sought permissions to use photos, quotes, maps etc. earlier, i.e. when I did my
initial research.

Any final words?

I am thankful that I was given the privilege of having my story published.

I suggest that a prospective author keep a note book ready to write down inspired thoughts
when they come. Also, be ready to enjoy the creative moments when one is eager to write,
to find out what new twists and turns the story will take today.

However, please remember that a book is 25% inspiration and 75% hard work

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