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Interview: Nina Venturella

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. This went on for years....I knew I had to do something, but what?”
As it turns out, Nina Venturella suffered with a multifaceted condition related to an overgrowth of candida. When conventional medicine failed to diagnose her, she took the advice of a friend and visited a naturopathic doctor who not only diagnosed but cured her candida, setting in motion a new passion for Venturella. “It made me really think about life in a different way, realizing I am not immortal, and health is really a major key in life. I no longer take health or life for granted. My strongest desire is that (while) readers (study) this book, (they will)  experience a peace that is so deep inside that (they) can’t help but smile.”
Her dedication to the health and well being of others is evident when, Venturella states early in her new book, Unveiled Truth-What Doctors Don’t Know Will Hurt You, that she has been a student of life experience and knowledge given to her by God. She wants to make it clear to her readers and clients that she is nothing more than a source for His healing to flow through.  “First off I have to say nothing written would even be remotely possible without God’s heart being revealed to me as the Holy Spirit downloads it and the grace of God takes over.  It is important that readers understand I am not-and have never been-a skilled writer. I am simply the vessel for the Holy Spirit to flow through.” 
Venturella was more than happy to explain the many truths and insights that the Holy Spirit “downloaded” into her spirit, as we recently talked about her new release, Unveiled Truth-What Doctors Don’t Know Will Hurt You.
MN-We have so much to talk about as it relates to your book, but first things first. You began your journey of health and well being after being diagnosed with-and successfully treated of-candida. It is considered the silent killer and contrary to popular belief, is not the same as a yeast infection that women get. In fact, both genders are susceptible to it. From your experience, explain what candida overgrowth is and how it affects the body as a whole.
NV- So you mean explain the beast that invaded my body for a significant part of my life!  I have come to the understanding from the wisdom of God that the reason I had this candida was not so much because of what I had eaten (such as feeding this beast the wrong foods) but it was what I had let eat me. 

Let me explain.  Since this book was written I have had a download of revelation (from the Holy Spirit) on how the body and soul work together.  It is my understanding through the grace of God, that it is what I had let fester inside of my soul for years prior that caused the over growth of bacteria which caused an imbalance in my body and soul, which manifested in the symptoms of candida.  We are so eager as society to blame our food source for illnesses when in fact it is a mere by-product with symptoms.  We have to as a society stop putting our focus on symptoms and look at the root causes.  Yes, feeding my body with wrong foods also added to the overall results that I suffered with this illness called Candida.

In my case, my body was receiving it as normal because it was so overloaded with an imbalance of bad bacteria over taking the good. Our bodies are so intelligent that they become what it receives on a regular and routine basis.  The body actually starts to develop patterns within the gut that becomes normal since this issue was cumulative for so long.  It becomes trained and normal to grow bacteria in the system.  So my body considered this to be the right pattern.   You can train your body to do anything and receive anything if you do it long enough.   The problem is you don't know you are doing it. 

MN-Unveiled Truth is based on 14 root causes of sickness and how to eliminate them according to three "tanks"; soul, body and spirit.. For instance, listed under the soul tank category, you speak of generational curses. Addictions are blamed on genetics, as well as many diseases ranging from diabetes and heart problems to cancer. This is going to be great news for say, women who fear breast cancer because a close family member experienced it. What can readers do to overcome fears of genetically based illness?
NV- So how do we overcome genetic issues?  First, let me go deeper into the beginning of the generational issue.  We are all created with the perfect soul and body because we are created in the image of Christ so we are without spot or blemish.  We are whole because God perfectly designed us.  Once we are placed in our mother’s womb, we lose our perfect soul and body and take the recorded image of our mother and father.  Then we become like our parents and their own set of habits, patterns and even generational bondages.  

It remains this way until we become born again believers, then we are alive and perfect in our spirit only but our soul and body are still separate, doing their own thing and living in the patterns of our ancestors’ genes.  The blood of Jesus takes care of all sin, however we have to daily renew our minds, thoughts and words so that the frequency of our words identifies with the frequency of heaven and that is when we begin to achieve success as “new creatures in Christ”.  This is the beginning of our taking on new records and responses of Jesus and no longer identifying with our earthly parents’ genes.  It is about becoming and staying in alignment with Jesus. We are in a sense creating new patterns in our DNA and become Christ-like.

MN-Another intriguing root cause of illness are soul ties. Very little is written about on this subject let alone its implication in sickness. Explain how soul ties negatively impact our health and how to break these connections.
NV- I would have to say it is not just about patterns only, but now it's about other people’s patterns of their soul.  God created intimacy for Him and you first, so you can truly have the most beautiful amazing love affair with Him.  So the need and desire for love first came from Him.  As fleshly beings we have those same urges for others and many times those urges become physically and intimately connected with another.  Once we commit to that physical relationship we can become one flesh.  But God only designed husbands and wives for this oneness.  It has become so accepted in our society and has been for many generations to be intimate with anyone you desire.  When we become one flesh with each of those partners, we take on the patters of their soul; hence a “soul tie”.  We are tied together with that person, or in many cases persons, for life, forgetting the understanding that intimacy was designed for married couples only.  So in order to break those ties you must first be cleansed through the blood of Jesus and then repent from each partner until those ties are broken.  Anything that takes you out of alignment with Jesus and into sin, gives the enemy the legal right to invade your life by you being out of order with the desired plan of God. This becomes an open door for your health to be invaded and compromised until you completely sever those ties and get back into Divine alignment.
MN-We are a nation addicted to sugar, and although we know it feeds cancer and disease, we have a hard time breaking the addiction. As a former sugar addict, how did you "come clean" and what are some small steps readers can take today to break their own addiction?
NV-I really wish I could say that I came clean of my addiction to sugar.  I have learned how to work the appropriate amount of allowable sugar into my diet.  Ever since my battle with Candida, I have chosen to consume my food in moderation.  I believe too much or not enough is not in balance and you can overdo to an extreme.  Since writing my book the Holy Spirit has ministered to me about balance and the importance of complete alignment once we achieve it.  Then we cease striving and let His grace take over from there.  As a matter of fact I am writing a sequel to Unveiled Truth called Alignment and grace.  Don’t try and do any of this and expect to be completely successful with your outcome, without the gift of grace.  You can overcome all addictions with food, drugs and sex as well all other addictions with the amazing gift of grace.  In order to be successful you must surrender it completely and trust and rest in God only.  We can become addicted because we are searching for something more. But God is more than we need. So to answer your question my solution had been everything in moderation a little here and there is ok.
MN-In the chapter regarding elimination, you mention that the most common cause of unhealthy bowel habits is a lack of water. How much water is necessary to insure regularity and are water based beverages like tea effective or does it need to be clear water only?
NV-I get asked this question a lot. I have always said to drink only plain water with a little fresh lemon, or I like to add essential oils to my water, as well.  This helps to clean the liver and keep your body in balance.  Half your body weight in ounces of water is the recommended amount, in my opinion.  You can gauge by the color of your urine: the more pale yellow the better, the darker the urine you need to drink more water to maintain a good balance for your body.
MN-Thanksgiving is this month with Christmas and New Years right around the corner. Do you have any nutritional or lifestyle tips that readers can implement to create a healthier holiday season?
NV- Again, I am going back to moderation give yourself permission to sample the goodies if you want.  Instead of taking a whole piece of pie, take a half.  The key is don't beat yourself up about it.  Release yourself from your own bondage of dieting and enjoy your holidays and remember Jesus is the reason for this Christmas season.  Enjoy!
MN-Tell me a little about the Majestic Wellness Academy and some of the results your clients are seeing.
NV- The first word that comes to mind is WOW.  This nonprofit academy was birthed in 2013.  It has really taken on a path of its own. What I mean by that is that God is growing this company.  I am truly sitting back in awe.  We have facilitators and instructors all over the United States.  The testimonials that my graduates are getting with their clients is miraculous.  MWA (Majestic Wellness Academy) is the result of the amazing hands-on process called Xtract.  God gifted me with and taught me in 2006.  I had no other training for any body work other than the Holy Spirit.  This was truly a Divine gift from God as no human being taught me the process called Xtract.  It stands for X-Cancel, T-toxic, R-release, A-accelerated, C- cellular, T-transformation. 

It truly creates alignment in the body and soul so that the body can heal itself.  It actually assists the body and soul to create new patterns and new memories on a cellular level. The body can then receive healthy new patterns as the healing process has begun, and even after the very first session. 

I believe that there is a vibration and frequency centered in Xtract and it mirrors the same vibration and frequency of the atmosphere of heaven.  So there is a communication within our bodies and soul that speaks to the facilitator performing Xtract.  The healing needed begins in the weakest link, and it can be emotional as well as a physical release.

Our accredited school offers continuing education hours and we can teach anyone who desires to learn Xtract in just two days with the same results.  For more information on upcoming classes log on to Majestic Wellness Academy.  I also would like to say a big thank you to my graduates who took a step of faith with me.  This could never have happened without them.  God is hand picking people to become a part of this journey with me.

MN-What is one myth regarding health and well-being that you would like to educate readers about?
NV-Society is so hung up on the symptoms.  We need to stop looking at the symptoms and take it back to creating alignment in the body and soul, because the body is designed to heal itself.  So as long as you create new memories and patters in both the soul and the body it doesn't really matter about the bi-product of the symptoms.  It is the end result that matters and that is the body being designed to heal itself.  Just give it what it needs to do so.  I can confidently say Xtract is doing just that.  That is why people are getting such great, amazing and miraculous results.

Author Bio- Nina Venturella has been a nutritionist, instructor and personal trainer for over 20 years. In her career, she struggled with clients improving, but not resolving core health issues. Realizing that she could achieve greater results, not only by putting “good stuff in” but at the same time “getting bad stuff out”, Nina began her studies in detoxification. Nina has her NCBTMB Instructor Certificateand her primary goal is to educate through the body of Christ on how crucial it is to cleanse and get to the root causes. Understanding God’s Word is the final authority. By ridding the body of soul wounds and breaking all soul ties, optimal health will be achieved. Nina is determined to preach the message God has given to her over 25 years ago through public speaking, teaching, writing and promoting through various avenues of the media. Nina has recently published her first nonfiction book, Unveiled Truth; revealing how cleansing is achieved in the mind, body and soul, as well as, explaining the root causes of sickness and disease.
For more information on Venturella or her book, Unveiled Truth, visit her websiteor you connect with her on Facebook.

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