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Interview: Peter Stanway

Spanning his life experiences to date, Peter Stanway has journeyed with the specific goal of learning the multi-facets of spirituality. Although it’s true that he has been instrumental in training believers to be disciples, and though he has significantly added to the overall number of leadership within the mission field, Stanway’s vision expands beyond the church walls to include a worldview that embraces the arts; specifically music, poetry and painting.
In a sense, Stanway has come home. “My journey into adulthood took me to the Glasgow School of Art where I studied Fine Art and Mixed Media. After leaving Art School, my life journey took me into a career as a photographer. For twenty years, or so, I put aside my art...” That changed last year when his work was on exhibit, leading to the decision to teach aspiring artists what he has learned; to engage all of the senses in the moment and recreate that moment on canvas forever. His Masterclass series will begin this Spring with the sole purpose of inspiring artists to “let your artist out.”
MN- Tell me a little about Masterclasses and how you conceived the idea for them.
PS- The bible tells us that God made mankind in His own image (Genesis 1:27). Therefore, since God is the creator of the whole universe and everything in it, I am convinced that God put a deposit of His creativity within us when He made us. It’s there waiting to be released and it is my intention, through these Masterclasses to release the artist that is within each participant. Together, we will discover what that creative gift is (visual, musical, writing, etc...) and let is loose!
MN- There are two weeks of classes - Spring and Autumn and four in Summer. Do they build on each other as in a series, or can you attend just one of the sessions independently and learn the full curriculum?
PS- Obviously the longer any participant participates in these Masterclasses the deeper they will go on their creative journey of discovery however, after only one week the journey will have begun and I will do all I can to continue to encourage everyone who has participated in Masterclasses for any length of time.
MN- Are the classes aimed for new and aspiring artists, accomplished artists, or both?
PS- The Art Masterclasses are aimed at everyone regardless of how they perceive their own artistic ability. The point of the Masterclasses is to discover the treasures of artistic talent that are within us all and release them. To push boundaries and change mindsets, to tap into the huge creative potential that is within us all.
MN- I love the way you formatted the class. “As well as spending time in the studio, we will go on inspirational walks, visits, talks and much more.” Why is it important to you that the student ventures outside of the classroom during this experience?
PS- These Art Masterclasses are not ‘how to’ sessions. Of course, my team and I will do all we can to hone the creativity ability of each participant but the point of each week of Masterclasses is to expose each participant to the vast array of creative stimulation that surrounds us; to immerse each participant in a multi-sensual experience that will change their life forever.
MN- I have seen your artwork and it is a multi-dimensional experience when viewing. How has your work changed from your pre-conversion artwork? Has your spiritual experience influenced your work and will you be teaching your students any spiritual elements?
PS- As I have matured and my life experience has grown this has undoubtedly had an influence upon my own artwork. I believe that my artwork is inspired by the Holy Spirit and I am sensitive to His leading as I work. While the Art Masterclass participants spend time with me and we get to know each other, it will be obvious to everyone what my beliefs are and I will happily share my faith with anyone who wants to know more.
MN- Artist, author, former professional photographer; you’ve managed to monopolize on many creative outlets. Do you have a favorite way of expression?
PS- I enjoy each form of creative expression equally, however, when two or more elements of creative output come together in one piece this heightens my excitement and pleasure. For example, when I am involved in multi-creative events that include music, poetry, dance, theatre, painting.... this gets my creative juices flowing more than anything.
MN-  How will you encourage your students to “think out of the box”?
PS-  By example! We will all spend a lot of time together, rubbing off each other, learning from one another. They will see how I think out of the box and when others are doing the same I will highlight it. I will expose the participants to creative thinking as often as I can.
MN- What is your advice for someone who may have a desire to pursue painting, but may feel that they do not have the experience or talent to exhibit their work?
PS- If their heart’s desire is to paint then they will paint! The key is not to think of painting as having to conform to any rules but to be free to express themselves with no holds barred. I can help them with the craft but they have full control over their own creative expression. Pablo Picasso once said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.”
Artist Bio-  The Masterclasses are conceived and led by Peter Stanway who trained at the acclaimed Glasgow School of Art. Peter is a much-admired artist, published author and former professional photographer who has exhibited internationally. The premise of Let Your Artist Out is to help participants discover their inner artist and to tap into their latent skills and talents. With tuition, guidance and inspiration, Peter and his team will help each participant express their unique creative skills in such a way that will release them into a life-time of artistic expression and fulfillment.
Aspiring artists and students can learn more by visiting Let Your Artist Out as well as connecting with Peter Stanway on Facebook. 

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