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Interview: Joanna Davidson Politano

What sparked the idea behind A Rumored Fortune?

Actually it was two very special people who inspired all the pieces of this novel. The first was a dear family friend who told me about her grandfather who buried his money and died suddenly without telling anyone, even his wife and four kids, where he’d put it. I loved that concept for a novel! The second inspiration was my husband. When we first met, I couldn’t stand him and we were (and still are) complete opposites, yet we turned out to be the perfect fit for each other. It was an unusual romance with an interesting trajectory, and it became the basis of the love story in this novel. I’m especially excited for this novel because of the two very personal sources of inspiration behind the story!

A Rumored FortuneBoth Lady Jayne Disappears and A Rumored Fortune are set in Victorian England. What attracts you to this time of history?

When a person describes something as “Victorian,” you picture delicate scrollwork and ornate décor with soft, vintage hues, all of which I love. I also think of a veil of imposed morality that hid many interesting secrets, of big old houses, and of deep, colorful Dickens-like characters. When it comes down to it, though, human nature remains the same across all eras. The setting and costumes may change, but deep down you always have the same characters.


Lady Jayne Disappears has received rave reviews. Why do you think readers are resonating so well with your novels?

I think it’s resonating because Lady Jayne is a book lover’s book. With themes of storytelling, classic literature, and a writer heroine, it speaks to the heart of many avid readers, as it did to mine when I wrote it. The heroine reached in and grabbed my heart and I couldn’t help but love this kindred-spirit writer, and her story is all about books, from her best moments to her worst.


What type of research was required for writing your book?

The research actually helped me shape my story in many ways. I had a loose plot in my head when I began researching, and as I looked into the house I chose for my setting, I found several interesting secrets that overlapped perfectly with my story and were included in the novel. The most fascinating part for me, though, was researching vineyards. The deeper I dug into it, the more amazing spiritual implications I found. I spent a lot of truly sacred time pouring over Victorian-era farming manuals and diagrams, piecing together the deeper meanings of many vineyard-related verses in Scripture. Many of those aspects came out in the book as the heroine struggled to understand God and His pruning of her.

Who is your favorite character in A Rumored Fortune?

I enjoyed many of the characters, including the heroine whose art is not contained by canvases, but my favorite character is the hero, Donegan Vance. He’s so blunt and practical, but so deeply kind and loyal—

all of which is in stark contrast to most other characters in this story. The reason he’s so dear to me is that he’s patterned after my own husband, and the love story in this novel is our relationship dynamic. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to flesh out the start of our romance and see with new appreciation the hero of my real-life love story.

What is one of the main points you hope readers gain from your book?

I’m hoping readers gain a new, hopeful perspective on difficult circumstances in their lives, and they’ll get a glimpse, as myDavidson Joanna heroine did, of God’s sovereignty and deep, deep love for us. The story takes place in a vineyard, which lent itself to wonderful spiritual implications and depth. My desire is that readers will learn about vineyards and then read the passages in Scripture concerning vines with fresh eyes and a heart bursting with the reality of God’s love for them.

What are you working on next?

I won’t say too much about my next project, because I haven’t even finished writing the first draft so it’s likely to change! My work in progress features a rag vendor from Spitalfields who is handed the opportunity of a lifetime by a seemingly random stranger in an alley, along the lines of a Cinderella story. The opportunity takes many strange turns throughout the book, and the heroine’s love story, which is unusual and very fun to write, only complicates everything. The theme deals with insecurity as the heroine is taught how to have the confidence she’s always wanted.

How can readers connect with you?

Readers can find me on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and on my website which is, or they can view book-related images on my Pinterest page:

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