Sunday, 25 October 2020

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Today I Had a Dream

I woke up this morning late. I never wake up late. If anything I am early. However, this morning I woke up at almost 5 am.  I went through my daily routine of reaching for my Bible to read it and then I picked up my prayer journal to write out my prayers and then I began praying. It’s Saturday, so I don’t work-out on weekends, so I just kind of did nothing. Soon, I have to get up and begin to paint the guest bathroom. It occurred to me that I had something to do---write my column.  So, that’s what I started to do.  I began to write something entirely different than what you are reading here.

You see, as I was writing, I remembered that I had a dream.  That’s right! A Dream!  I think I remembered it because it was a little different and I begin wondering what it meant; if it said anything at all except to remind me to tell you to value the people you love while you can.

In my dream, I had had some disagreement with my grandmother.  I was living in a massive home, and I went on my way after the argument to the comfort of my private room in my huge home. I went to bed. My husband remained up, and I think she did too.  The next morning when I got up, I began moving around the house, doing little things, but I did not look for her because I assumed she was asleep in her room in another part of the large house.  Hours later, my husband got up, but I did not see her.  I asked him where my mother was and he said, “Well, she decided to leave last night.”  My heart began racing, and I got angry. I was mostly mad at him for knowing that she was leaving and not coming to wake me up. 

That’s the dream.  No big deal?  Maybe not.  Today, I can’t get mad at her because she’s not here. She hasn’t been around for 32 years.  I have not been able to call and say hello, call to say I am sorry, call to tell her of my accomplishments, call to cry on her shoulder or call to say “Mom, I miss you.”

If anything came from the dream, it is this: Remember to love. Do not forget to forgive. Do not forget to just give each other a break. Do not forget to let go. Do not forget to encourage those you come in contact with. Remember that every little thing should not turn into a war, and some things are worth letting go quickly. In your areas of influence, bring joy and peace. Create space for people to make mistakes, including your own and don’t hold those mistakes against them or yourself for very long. 

I have lived through discouraging comments, disappointments, and losses. I have endured negative people and people who did not believe in me. I have faced others who made it their mission to try and get me to fail. I have dealt with more “fake” people than you can imagine.  These days, if I think of them,  I say a prayer for them. 

Although I have lived through some negative experiences, I make it a point to turn those events into something positive so that I am not stuck hating others or hating myself.  I want you to do the same.  Don’t let people or events get you so mad that you turn your back on loving God, loving others and loving you.  

That dream reminded me that she’s no longer here and it reminded me of stories I hear from others regularly about how they “can’t let go of a hurt” or how they will “never forgive” a person.  Don’t you do that.  Take this to heart. You won’t be here long and those you may be mad at won’t be either.  Live, Love and Let Go Now.

I know you probably remember Joseph from the Bible. Joseph could interpret dreams. He began having dreams at a young age.  His dreams and his mouth got him into trouble. So much so that his brothers became enraged with him.  They wanted to kill him, but ultimately they sold him into slavery.  Joseph rose and fell, rose and fell; he gained favor, and he faced horrible disappointments. He could have held on to so much hate and distrust; especially of those he cared for, instead, he somehow learned how to let go.

In the end, we all go into the grave. While you have a chance to live, why not live your life happy? Tomorrow isn’t promised, so why waste time today? For those people in your life who you need to make amends with, do so. You or they may not be around tomorrow.

Columnist: LaSharnda Beckwith


Dr. LaSharnda Beckwith, PhD, MBAA, MA, BPS, is an Empowerment Advocate, personal life coach, motivational speaker & leadership expert. She knows that in order for anyone to experience success in their personal or professional lives, there must be a fundamental change in attitude. One cannot be or think negatively and expect positive results. In addition, she loves to interact where she can encourage, enable, empower and energize others.  She is a retired executive of more than 26 years with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. She retired as Vice President of Eastern Operations. She is currently a Professor in the School of Management at Texas Woman’s University. She is an author and talk show host. Her new book, When You're Happy With You focuses on helping others find value, build self confidence, self-esteem and confront issues that may be holding them back and is currently available online through, and  Her radio talk show “Living Happy Every Day with Dr. LaSharnda” can be heard on, channel 1.





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